‘…their (sic) fuk (sic) nuckles (sic) [and I] hope they die lol (sic).’

No Corie. Both sides of politics shouted the idea down. The idea came from the Anglican church. There is no conspiracy to breed less ‘Australians’ while welcoming more migrants to make Australia bigger.

Do your research.

Re: The Baby Bonus – why do you need to have a reptile license to own a turtle, but you can breed at will, collecting a random cash payment every time you pop a munchkin out? MANDATORY parental training is how the money should be spent – then we’ll have less people like Corie Dunn, Sharni Lee Campbell, Ryan Chapman and Chris Flanagan.

Thepunch.com.au said it best:

Parental leave, flexible working arrangements, affordable and accessible childcare – yes. Help for poverty-stricken families to get the basics – yes. Cash payments? Policy fail.