Asylum Seekers: “Robert Bretton” liar and fraud

An alert poster drew our attention to this picture posted on their friend’s Facebook page.

Robert Bretton lies

What is “disgusting” is firstly that someone would be circulating the lies contained in that shot and secondly that people would be silly enough to believe the lies. Almost 1500 silly people by the looks of things.

So we tracked back the origins of that spurious document and found that someone calling itself   “Robert Bretton” had spammed it to Gumtree, the free Australian Internet classified ad site.

Gumtree ad

To their great credit Gumtree recognised a scam and removed the ads promptly.

However unfortunately the damage had already been done, as can be illustrated by the following comments:

"Robert Bretton" liar and fraud

Ignorant and racist comments for sure, but ignorance fed by the likes of the fraud “Robert Bretton” who is spamming this rubbish in the first place.

This stuff is in the same league as Nigerian finance scams, malicious spyware, fake charities and all of the other Internet rubbish. Governments everywhere treat these scams as criminal offences.

So “Robert Bretton” you are a liar and a fraud and we challenge you to come out and provide evidence for the lies you are peddling on the Internet.


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Kristy and Joel form a group

One day Kristy walked into Centrelink at Liverpool, an activity which no doubt occurs regularly with her. Suddenly she saw some musicians.

We know things are tough for Australian musicians since poker machines overran the pubs. But we had no idea they had ten kids – well we know established stars like Barnesy have fair-sized families, but your average Aussie muso is a scrawny male who can barely scratch together enough money to feed himself and afford the petrol to go to gigs let alone have ten kids. And there’s the APRA fees, and paying your roadies and sound engineers…

Kristy Lacko Joel Rickard

Joel Rickard apparently wants a voice in “parliment” (sic). So is he proposing a rock concert at the opening of Parliament each year?

Sorry Joel I don’t think SOUTHERN CROSS SOLIDERS PARTY really makes it as a band name.

And then Joel goes off because Vegemite is halal. Guess what Joel, most of what you consume is technically halal. But we have no problems with you and your “soliders” (sic) boycotting food and drink. Best stop breathing too.

Your demise will make more room for better Australians!

The Latest Round of Home Grown Aussie Nazism

Yeah, this blog is about re-publishing what people publicly (ie. willfully inviting the world to read/view) put into the public sphere (note: by themselves – not at the hands of stalkers)- while using their names, photos and employment details as verification that they are indeed real people   real fuckstickians. So while we present to you SimmonS2679 and his non-comprehensible ‘sieg-heil’ rant (see 0:28 for lolz), we won’t give you his real name, as he has gone to the effort of keeping his name out of it while sitting in a dark and stanky bomb shelter (perhaps his living room?) while wearing aviator sunglasses and a C18/SS military cap as he presents his opinions.

But here are some other nazi bogots, who have shared a little more on public Facebook pages and open profiles.

Fucktardery at its shonkiest.

Editor’s note: Homophobia and Nazism once again proved to be bedfellows.

Note: theantibogans apparently mooch off Centrelink (see Nathan Townsend’s comment on Joseph Adams aka Tommy Cor’s post):

And theantibogans are also all Nazis. But these featured guys aren’t.

Aussie Pride, Christmas Shame

Thought it was only them Muzzies who hated and wanted to change Christmas.

Oh joy. There’s your Christmas present.


Centrelink supported Simon hates refugees because they apparently use up precious tax dollars and want us to change Christmas.

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday (northern hemisphere), practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

Merry Christmas to the rest of you folk!


“these gooks and towel nheads/sic/ wanna call em/sic/ self ozzy/sic/ but still want 2 follow there/sic/ relidgion/sic/ thats/sic/ rasism/sic/”

“na[sic] these gooks and towel nheads[sic] wanna call em[sic] self ozzy[sic] but still want 2 follow there[sic] relidgion[sic] thats[sic] rasism[sic] if ive[sic] ever seen”

[Posted in: ]

It’s hard to know where to start with this comment.  But here goes.

Australians enjoy the right to freedom of religion.  No religion makes you more or less Australian, and nor does a lack of religion.  Migrants to Australia, like all other Australian residents and citizens, are allowed to choose their religion, or to choose no religion.  This right is protected by Australian law.  You, Pete Hickey, do not have any right or valid reason to say which religions are okay and which aren’t.

Practising a religion does not make you racist, Pete Hickey.  Calling people “gooks” and “towel heads” does.  Using these terms to be a racist douchewad is against Australian law.

More to the point, assuming people who look different or have a different religion to you are not ‘ozzy'[sic] is both racist and stupid.  Please do not breed.

(As for ‘Kallen Woppa Wells’, your comment is a disgrace to humanity.)

Pete Hickey


Pete Hickey



Pete Hickey


Pete Hickey


“…dirty stinky petrol drinking Centrelink warriors.”

Another spectacularly tragic Facebook group, where people find it acceptable to post their hideous hatred. Just under 80,000 people ‘like’ this page in fact. And with people like Lauren Herbert talking about our population being invaded, Nathan Stewart and Joshua Goodall defending racism and Daniel Torrens talking about how our Indigenous people are all ‘stinky petrol drinking Centrelink warriors’, are we really going to continue to deny the existence of racism in Australia?

“fuck (sic) towl (sic) heads!!”

Why is always about ‘stink’ when it comes to Indians? So white Aussies don’t sweat? Never smell like rancid B.O? Never drop their guts on the train, or on the couch? Never belch out a winning tune? Some Indians stink like shit and some don’t. It’s no reason to send them all back to their own country, especially when the majority come to our country to study like maniacs and work like machines.

And what’s this about taking our jobs? It’s getting ridiculous. Firstly, if James Harrison wanted to drive a cab, he could quite easily get a job doing so this very week.


Let’s Just Blow The Middle East Up

Even though thee (sic) is no god, and no TRUE religion, we still apparently live in a Christian country and non-Christians should therefore not be entitled to any Christian-only welfare money.

These idiots make several unintelligent implications here:

Firstly, Muslims apparently see themselves as superior; Secondly, Muslims only live in the Middle East;
And thirdly, only Muslims claim welfare money in Australia.

Yeah… Ban the burqa so Muslims don’t claim welfare money in our Christian country. Good logic.