Different Strokes

This local ad from a Cairns newspaper was recently brought to our attention by one of our readers.


Sounds a bit like the whines we get from the bogots about Indigenous people.

So we did some research and found out it was a legitimate ad from a legitimate documentary producer.

The producer is in fact Ronan Sharkey who was responsible for the excellent SBS series Go Back to Where you Came From

Now Ronan is running a somewhat different ad on the Flinders Uni blog


So we were wondering firstly why the newspaper ad was obviously targeted to certain negative attitudes about Indigenous people and also what this says about the attitudes of people in Cairns (or the perceptions people have about attitudes of people in Cairns).

John MacKenzie Prime Radio 4CA shock jock – “Asians don’t value life like ‘we’ do”

4CA Cairns shock jock John MacKenzie

Cairns Hillbilly Watch writes:

John MacKenzie. We all know and loathe him. He’s been known to say the the most misogynistic and bigoted things on the radio, and still he’s allowed to speak on the public airwaves.

He’s finally gone too far today.

John MacKenzie (9:44 AM)

“OUR lives are precious, we’ve got to see it that way, we can’t fall back to that – – – The situation you see in some Asian countries, obviously human life does not have such a value as we put on it here”. . .

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