Norwegian Outrage: More than 90 dead, dozens injured.

Breaking news of the shootings/bombing in Norway overnight was met with dismay and disbelief. That one person could kill so many people in what appeared to be an act of civil disobedience? My first thought was of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber

The media went into a frenzy of speculation that suggested an Islamic extremist group may be behind it. That was sharply removed, (try and find that shit on the web easily!) replaced with “ethnic Norwegian”, and finally something closer to the truth. The Ban the Burqa page went into overdrive.

No screenshots, as most of the comments still remain, but suffice to say that the comments were along the lines of…well, you know. Barely literate, hateful and completely misguided. A kitten with a ball of wool is the best analogy I have to describe it. That or the Monty Python stoning scene, but it’s been done so many times..

Admin of BTB took part with the usual fuckwittish responses (bomb=Islam), and all the sheep took up their position. But… the media started to take a different stance, and the BTB monkeys started to panic. Surely it was a Muslamic that committed this horrible atrocity??


Nope. It looks as though the killer is Anders Breivik. Of course, this individual is yet to be charged, so I can’t assume that he is responsible for the deaths of 91 people (thus far), but hey, it kinda blows the BTB wankers theory outta the water! If true. Anders is Caucasian. Blue eyed blond male
Hates Muslims apparently
Right wing conservative
Fundamentalist christian
Didn’t wear a burqa that I know of.
I’m looking forward to the ADL gathering in Brisbane (30th July/6 Aug if they get it sorted!) if anyone is keen? I’ll be there regardless with trusty cam and pointy finger.


Ban the burqa, because it can be used to rob banks?

Ok – but first…

Let’s ban:

* Clown costumes

* Fake breasts

* Duct tape

* Make up

* Nun habits/robes

* Movie special effects make up

* Women’s clothes

* Wheat bags

* Flour sacks

* Hats

* Cow costumes

* Facepaint

* Obama masks

* Hoodies

* Darth Vader costumes

* Camo pants

* Leprechaun costumes

* Ninja costumes

* Thongs

* Permanent texta

The Bikini – Australia’s National Dress (Apparently)

Why does the debate always turn this corner? It doesn’t matter what things are like in other countries around the world, we have things a certain way in Australia. We have the freedom to wear the clothes we want to wear.

When people make comments like this, they are arguing for a dress code conformity – the very thing they’re so morally opposed to for other countries.

Come to Australia, but don’t even think about wearing anything other than a bikini or you will be shot.

Islam Not A Race… But Islamic Women Are Ugly

Exempting themselves from any form of racism when attacking Muslims because ‘Islam is not a race’…

Yet the hypocrisy is shown (and typically missed) when John Hunton unwittingly and subconsciously refers to Islamic women as being different from Australian women in physical appearance. And when physical characteristics are pretty much the only definitive aspects separating people from around the globe, it’s obvious that John sees Muslims as being non-white. And this is after Mick Crane calls for a ‘Muslim-free Australia’ by wanting all Muslims to get onto a plane so the Government can blow it up over the ocean. (Ironic really, that Mick sees blowing people up entirely acceptable, yet probably hates Muslims based on the misconception that they like to blow people up)…

If Islam is just a religion, then Jessica Alba could be one tomorrow. And with Atheism and Islam leading the world in conversion rates, perhaps that’s not so unlikely.

A Crash Test In Law

defame |diˈfām|
verb [ trans. ]

damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel


Now, let’s have a look at some public comments, made public by the people whose names appear next to each post:


Now, what we’ve done, is taken ALREADY PUBLIC comments, and PUBLISHED them. We take NO responsibility over what people choose to say in a public forum, with their names and pictures attached. But of course, here come the ‘law enforcers’. (LOL):


Time and time again, bogans. If you’re going to say something in the public forum, using your name and your picture, that’s your stupidity. If you’re going to breach the Racial Discrimination Act 1976, The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 and the Telecommunications Act 1997, then don’t get on your high moral horse and threaten legal action from your sweaty computer chairs.

Cheering For Dead Boat People




Less than a week after innocent people lost their lives after fleeing inhumanity and persecution in their home countries, ‘true blue’ Aussies are laughing about their deaths. Never mind the fact how many children were left as orphans after this tragedy, no. Never mind how many of these men and women had jobs and education back in their home country, no. Never mind that these people don’t actually have the opportunity to stroll up to an airport with their passport and ask to leave the country that persecutes them, no.

These people were believed to be from Iraq. A place apparently improved by our armed forces. A suicide bomber killed over 20 civilians the day after they left their shores. This is an almost daily occurrence.

If this shit was happening in Australia, you can be sure that brave, family-minded Australians would be thinking of what was best for their families and looking for any possible way of leaving and heading to a safer country. But all we can do is sit back and laugh at these people who have never known what it’s like to be free, to eat at nice restaurants, to walk their dog in the park, to take their kids to the beach and to go on a roller coaster. These people have never had rights and their opportunities have been limited. They live every day in fear, assuming it will be their last. These people have never had religious freedom, nor have they had social security.

But sure, let’s laugh at them when they search for a better life. Let’s criticise their decision to risk their lives and the lives of their wives and children because it is a lesser risk than staying in their home country. Let’s call them terrorists even though terrorists generally have money and contacts and arrive in planes. Let’s talk about shooting them as they arrive and then let’s go to church and talk about living a life in the so called image of God. Let’s sit on Facebook and talk about things we have absolutely no clue about and then brag about ‘standing up for our country’.


Ban the Burqa? Anti-Islam (Aussie Pride) Rears Its Ugly Head Again

The question of whether or not Australia should ban the burqa has once again come to the media forefront, and despite living in a peaceful society in which freedom of culture and religion have been the norm for decades, frightened and aggressive Australian racists have allowed their Islamophobic opinions to overcome any hint of rationality that might have otherwise been.

A recent story in the news was the decision of a Melbourne swimming pool to accommodate a dress code requested by a small group of Muslim swimming enthusiasts.

Note: The restriction would apply only in August of next year, for two hours in the evening, for one night. While you’re reading some of the intolerant, outraged rants of concerned Australians, just keep in mind that this applied dress code was imposed after regular pool opening hours, at night, in Winter. I’ve never seen Australians using public pools on cold Winter nights, have you?

Secondly, the dress code wasn’t mandatory burqas, like a lot of these bogans are complaining about. It was T-shirts and board shorts. It was a request that shoulders and knees were covered, and that’s all.









The following is a publicly posted email sent to the swimming pool in question. Make sure you read to the bottom of this bogan twat’s email where she threatens a ‘huge demonstration’ from outraged Australians.


Australians have already mistakenly assumed that their swimming pools were being taken from them by ‘Islamist mayors’ – be aware that this isn’t the first explosion of mass delusion. Serial right-wing radio pest Alan Jones hyped the hopelessly critically inept bogans up with a story about a swimming pool in Auburn that was apparently closing its doors to non-Muslims. Just like the story above regarding the Dandenong Oasis Swimming Pool in Melbourne, the dress code sessions were open to anyone as long as they followed the slightly altered dress code (t-shirts and board shorts), and the sessions ran once a week, for one month, in the middle of Winter.

Read about it here:

So, this is now the second time that racist Australians have got their bikinis and budgie smugglers in a knot over a small group of Muslims wanting a swimming pool dress code applied for a few nights in Winter. Neither of the pools closed their doors to non-Muslims.

And whenever some sensationalist anti-Muslim hoax comes to light, dead shit Australians come out of the woodwork to speak of their vile hatred for Muslims, thinking that their choice of words is completely acceptable under the guise of some kind of patriotic freedom of speech and a desire to ‘protect’ our country from these terrorists.




(Did this arse hat just identify an alleged Muslim goal of making Australia a Muslim country in the next 10 years? Wonder where he got that gem from… Considering Muslims have been in Australia for over a hundred years, and that the current percentage of Australian citizens practicing the religion of Islam is around 1.3%…)


Note: In this misguided, ill-informed rant, Clinton made 41 spelling and grammar errors. That’s all that needs to be said at this point.




Sorry Kelvin, which laws are Muslims not abiding by in our country? And are you implying that all Australian citizens abide by the law…?



Anybody else smell a bullshit, made-up story? There’s nothing worse than a bogan who makes up stories to support ill-conceived reasons as to why her overt racism is justified.


Ummmm…. No they don’t:


Another knob-end refusing to confront these issues in a rational way. Read about this issue below:


It really is a sad state of affairs. Muslims are copping a raw deal, especially when fundamentalist crackpot Islamic leaders are the only ones mainstream media ever wants to pay any attention to. Among the atrocities Australians are willing to associate Muslims to include:

* Muslims are terrorists;

* Muslims are pedophiles;

* Muslims want Shari’a Law to rule Australia;

* Muslims are taking over the population;

* Asylum seekers are all Muslims;

* Muslims want to cancel Christmas;

* Muslims want to rape women who walk around in bikinis;

* Muslim husbands all beat their wives;

* Muslims want to close swimming pools;

* Muslims refuse to participate in Australian society.

All complete bullshit.

Feel free to peruse the rest of our website for more eye roll-worthy posts. Here are a few recent posts worth reading:


Nazi Asians in Head Scarves

I don’t know about you, but I find this very worrying indeed. Not only are the Asians taking over our country with their blah blah language, but they are now wearing head scarves and imprisoning us for doing as they do. Not really sure what country this is happening in, nor if there is any suggestion of such inhumanity occurring in Australia, but I have a right to feel shit scared of it, because I am a stupid bogan.

Miss USA Doesn’t Deserve Crown

The newly crowned Miss USA doesn’t deserve her crown, because… Wait for it… She is an Arab Muslim. Fancy that! The racists are up in arms at the fact that America could possibly choose a Muslim to be Miss USA! Don’t they know that she not only masterminded the 9/11 attacks, but she carries bombs, rapes children, stones people, mutilates genitals, and gets beaten by her husband? Oh wait – Muslims aren’t all like that? But doesn’t she carry a gun in her burqa in order to rob banks? She doesn’t? This is way too confusing.

Nicholas Folkes jumps on the strip-her-of-her-crown-based-on-her-ethnicity-and-race bandwagon and makes the stumbling admission that perhaps she might be more oppressed while living in an overseas country that didn’t support women’s rights, or the freedom to practice one’s own religion. Well that’s what we’ve been saying all along, chump. At some stage he’ll recognise that Muslims have been living in Western countries (like Australia) for a verrrry long time without mass breeding and without stoning criminals, mutilating genitals, raping women and children, killing non-believers, bombing marketplaces or robbing banks with hidden guns in burqas.

But all of this comes from a scared, shallow mind. The kind that believes true Aussie patriotism equates to hating non-whites.

Muslims Whinging About Aussie Tradition

Hey Amanda, I have something to say. Your stupidity burns my senses. But your underhandedness at making up a story in order to promote hatred is just abhorrent.

You went to town and just happened to see Muslims ‘windgin’ (sic) about Australian tradition? How did you know they were Muslims? And you were close enough to hear them? Yet you’re not ready to include just what they were saying.

And then you want to whinge about them ‘bringing there (sic) violence, wars’, when these Muslims you see are simply standing there in a shopping centre, not starting any violence or wars.

You then go on to whinge about these Muslims being allowed to walk into a bank fully clothed. How do you usually enter a bank? And if you’re referring to a burqa in a bank, have you ever seen a Muslim wearing a burqa in a bank? And have you ever been in an Australian bank where a female Muslim has robbed it while wearing a burqa?

“i (sic) honestly think that if a musilm (sic) child is allowed to wear there (sic) gear in a class room (sic) because its (sic) there (sic) tradition (sic) well what about ours (sic) its (sic) a tradition for us to wear a hat in side (sic).”

Amanda: Muslim girls don’t even think about wearing the hijab or the burqa until they hit puberty. If you want to wear a hat inside, go nuts. Nobody’s stopping you.

Learn some English, and develop some compassion and decency.