Community Alerts Page Warns Against Aboriginal People and ‘Muslim Churches’

Burdekin Alerts is a community ‘alerts’ page on Facebook. It purports to report every mundane activity relevant to the area and not suprisingly receives low levels of public interest. You can view the page here.

But a few posts got our attention. The first talks about a story about how a ‘good white kid’ saved an elderly man from having his medals stolen by some ‘abooriginal [sic] kids’ who were harassing an old lady. The second post is a wild attempt to incense the community into outrage over the proposed building of a Muslim ‘church’.

None of the ‘alerts’ this page provides have any link to actual news reports, police statements or anything factual whatsoever. But why should they get minor details like that get in the way of the truth? Especially when they’re providing a service to a miniscule redneck audience.