It’s Not That We’re Racist

“It’s not that we’re racist…” (Now read down a few lines.):
“If their (islamic (sic)/muslum (sic) people) country is so fucked up they have to run away and come here…”

This is how utterly confused Australian bogans are about the various forms of immigration that exist in our country.

If any readers out there have any examples of how refugees or Muslims or Muslim refugees have tried to ‘change our system’, or ‘taken away celebrating easter (sic) and christmas (sic)’ then please contact us immediately at

Brydie also implies that Muslims come here ILLEGALLY because their ‘country’ is so ‘fucked up’. Muslims all come from the same country? This is news to me.

For some further evidence of the bogans’ inability to rationally decode information given to them in the form of sensationalist headlines and misleading blog articles, take a look at these gems:

‘Muslim Is A Race Islam Is A Religion’

‘Schools Banning Christmas… Really?’

‘Muslims Whinge About Aussie Tradition’

‘Refugees Get More Money Than Pensioners’

‘Muslims Cancel Even More Christmases’

‘Australians Not Allowed In Muslim Schools’

‘Aussie Pride Buys Into Yet Another Hoax’