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Southern Cross Soldiers: PLEASE Believe Us! We Aren’t Racist!

The Southern Cross Soldiers have hit the headlines once again. This time they are heading an article about racism on Facebook. Surely racism on social media doesn’t exist in Australia. Right?

Okay a few questions for you Cheyne Haartsen:

1. Who are you protecting Australia from, and how?

2. How do you intend on halting immigration in the future?

3. How do you suggest you will rid Australia of Islam?

4. Are you and the Southern Cross Soldiers racists?

5. How can you pretend to be in a position of moral upstanding when several of your members have served time behind bars?

More on the Southern Cross Soldiers here.

Thank God the Cheyne Haartsen, Mathew Green, Bradley Haartsen and their SCS are fighting for, um, against… Um? Well they’re wearing a lot of black, saluting Hitler’s Nazis, advertising motorcycle and alcoholic brands and holding prohibited weapons. Breathe easy Australians, these guys are protecting us from, ah, um…. What?

Meh fuck it.

A lot of alcohol worshiping coupled with slogans like ‘fuck off we’re full’ and ‘love it or leave it’. Nah not racist, bogan, drunken fucktards at all.

Nothin’ racist about ‘fuck the Lebs’. Can’t believe the SCS got a negative write up from the media.

Hitler loved hanging around with shirtless young boys too. You guys are on the right path. SCS ’til I die motherfucker!

I’m pretty sure there’s a similar pic of Layne Beachley around somewhere. Although, possibly without the motorcycle helmet and extended middle finger.

*Sigh* what a tiring day kicking shit and whinging about my life. Time to sit on my couch and drag my sweaty back all over the Aussie flag while wearing a Freddy mask and drinking a VB longneck.

Okay Rhys Connelly – will definitely ensure that I don’t recommend Galston Service Centre! Would hate to think that you guys are just sitting back drinking beers for every non-white Australian that tries to get a pink slip from you.