Anti-Asian Boobies


Now we have your attention…


So generally speaking if you visit a nail salon you are there to get fingers and toes dealt with – right?

So what gives Yvonne the impression the staff, whom we assume are female (they usually are in nail salons) and usually not sexually interested in other women, were commenting on anyone’s boobs if they were speaking another language?

So was your daughter breast-feeding a baby? In that case maybe the salon workers were merely curious. Young women without children of their own often are.

Or is it just another excuse to bring up the old chestnuts (pardon the pun) which go something like this…

1. “If ur in Straya speke English cos we do so rooly good”

2. “Ur being rascist against Strayans cos ur spekeing Asian”

Boguette boobies take note…it isn’t always about you.

Miss USA Doesn’t Deserve Crown

The newly crowned Miss USA doesn’t deserve her crown, because… Wait for it… She is an Arab Muslim. Fancy that! The racists are up in arms at the fact that America could possibly choose a Muslim to be Miss USA! Don’t they know that she not only masterminded the 9/11 attacks, but she carries bombs, rapes children, stones people, mutilates genitals, and gets beaten by her husband? Oh wait – Muslims aren’t all like that? But doesn’t she carry a gun in her burqa in order to rob banks? She doesn’t? This is way too confusing.

Nicholas Folkes jumps on the strip-her-of-her-crown-based-on-her-ethnicity-and-race bandwagon and makes the stumbling admission that perhaps she might be more oppressed while living in an overseas country that didn’t support women’s rights, or the freedom to practice one’s own religion. Well that’s what we’ve been saying all along, chump. At some stage he’ll recognise that Muslims have been living in Western countries (like Australia) for a verrrry long time without mass breeding and without stoning criminals, mutilating genitals, raping women and children, killing non-believers, bombing marketplaces or robbing banks with hidden guns in burqas.

But all of this comes from a scared, shallow mind. The kind that believes true Aussie patriotism equates to hating non-whites.