Geert Wilders in Australia, February 2013


Posted on February 2, 2013 by @ndy

Update : Fairfax has an article on Wilders’ tour titled ‘White supremacists ready for fight’ (Natalie O’Brien, The Age, February 2, 2013). It refers, inter alia, to the ‘Australian New Nation’ website — established several years ago in order to replace the White Pride Coalition of Australia site — and the Internet radio show ‘Australia Calling’. ‘Australia Calling’ is produced by Brisbane nazi Carl D Thompson, who briefly came to public attention some years ago when he lost his job editing the One Nation newspaper after publishing some anti-Semitic material.

Muslim-hating Dutch rightist Geert Wilders is gonna be touring Down Under in a few weeks. The Flying Dutchman’s tour is being organised by an anti-Islamic group known as the Q Society, and Wilders is scheduled to speak in Melbourne on the 19th, Perth on the 20th and Sydney on the 22nd of February, with the venues only being announced a day or two prior.* Unsurprisingly, having already roused controversy, Wilder’s tour is expected to generate some opposition, but also a good deal of support, especially among the far-right fringe. To that end, a number of individuals drawn from racist and fascist groups will be attending Wilder’s events :– some ostensibly in order to protect them from disruption.

Or were . . .

Within 48 hours of declaring that it was the sacred duty of White racialists to attend Wilder’s event in Sydney — largely in order to show the dastardly Reds who’s boss — Welf Herfurth — the leader of the minuscule forces of the New Right (NR) in Australia — changed his mind, and declared it to be a positively dreadful idea, one which risked aligning the NR with Zionists (ergo Jews).

Well, kinda . . .

Actually, the former NPD, ON and Democrats (!) member was admonished by his master, Troy Southgate, to pull his head in and think a li’l moar about the implications of aligning his handful of followers with The Jew. Thus:

Note that Herfurth’s mob last reared its head in Sydney back in November, when police provided them a platform at a Palestine solidarity rally; Herfurth himself is a Holocaust denialist and strong supporter of his kamerad Uncle Fred Toben.

Australian Protectionist Party & Conservative Islamophobia

Of course, support for Wilder’s message also extends deep into the conservative heartland, and includes prominent Muslim-baiters in the Tory party as well as handsomely-paid hacks in the corporate and state media. Further, the conservative embrace/promotion of paranoid fears over Muslamics has stolen a good deal of oxygen from a number of racist, right-wing fringe-dwellers, including Anders Breivik’s friends in the Australian Protectionist Party (APP). Just five short years after its foundation as a more ‘moderate’, less anti-Semitic version of the Australia First Party (AF), the APP has undergone its first major crisis, with the entirety of its Sydney branch decamping in order to establish yet another marginal bunch of kooks, this time modelled on Wilder’s Freedom Party (the APP modelled itself on the BNP). Whether or not the handful who spat the dummy can actually assemble another party remains to be seen, but given that they were the only active members the APP possessed the Protectionists seem doomed to disappear back into oblivion.

Or perhaps not.

Andrew Phillips, APP National Chairman, has relocated himself and his PO Box to Tasmania, while the party continues to nominate two others as contacts for NSW and VIC. Having lost perennial losers Darrin Hodges and Nicholas Hunter-Folkes, Phillips is now begging someone — anyone — to nominate themselves to undergo the humiliation of losing another popularity contest. Those interested can write to P.O. Box 170, Dover, Tasmania 7117 (which also functions as the postal address of Meals On Wheels in that part of the world).

*According to Q, “Details will be advised to paid-up patrons 48 hours prior to event. Expect a function centre within easy reach of the CBD. Photo ID is required to enter; only one small handbag per patron permitted into the venue.” Paul Sheehan writes for the defence here and you can read more about the Q Society on their webshite.

(More) Bloody Foreigners Making Trouble

Overseas: Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka ‘Tommy Robinson’ aka ‘Paul Harris’), the leader of the E E EDL, has been sentenced to 10 months jail for ‘possession of a false identity document with improper intention’, viz entering the US to attend an anti-Muslim gathering using a false passport. (Tommy’s troubles mirror those of Martin Brennan, another whinging Pom and the former leader of the A A ADL, forcibly expelled from Australia in August 2011 for immigration offences.) Also in attendance at the gathering in New York in September last year was Yanqui crackpot Robert Spencer. Spencer is described as ‘VP Islamic Scripture and History’ for the Q Society and runs a loon website called jihadwatch; the Coordinator for Victoria/Tasmania and Secretary of the Society is Ralf Schumann; Andrew McDonald is their Administrator in NSW while in Perth Debbie Robinson coordinates teh stoopid. Anyway, here’s a picture of the patriotic sheila from Perf (Debbie Robinson) and two foreign loons (Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) holding the Strayan flag at SION:

More on Geert’s tour later maybe . . .


It’s official – Nick Folkes hates Filipinos

Let’s face it, Straya’s next Prime Minister Nicholas Hunter Folkes really hates some people.

He hates Muslims. He is prominent on anti-Muslim websites, and was seen lurking in the carpark in Laman Street Cooks Hill prominent at the recent anti-Muslim nano-demo in Newcastle.

He has also demonstrated his hatred for Indians, Aboriginal people, Asians in general, Africans, just about anyone from the Middle East, women who don’t like Nicky feminists, gays and lesbians, anti-racists, all three major political parties, anyone to the left of John Howard, asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants in general who are not like him…

All we can say for sure is that Nicky doesn’t hate Russians because he is of Russian descent himself, though in the process of bogot assimilation he managed to score a rather splendidly Pommy upper-class sounding monicker. Must sound most impressive when you are paged at TigersBalmain Leagues Club.

He also prefers to live in the inner city, surrounded by those very leftist latte-sipping unwashed Green academic dole-bludging lesbian faggots he and his cronies so detest, rather than taking himself to some rool Strayan area with lots of Right-finking white folks who’d never be on any government benefits or tax concessions. Nooo.

So we were not at all surprised when revisiting our files to discover that the bogots’ future charismatic leader in diplomatic conversation some years ago with members of British neo-Nazi fail fringe party the BNP, and declaring a full-blown hatred for…wait for it…Filipinos.

Nick Folkes at the BNP group

Knuckle-draggers Keith McFarlane and Steve Stead chip in with the usual xenophobic vile chav tripe one has come to expect from members of a failed political party set up by a convicted crook. However one would think one could expect better from one of Straya’s self-appointed “leaders”. Even on Facebook.

No such luck. Take a look:

Filipinos are gold diggers

The Filipinos will build shanty towns

Their qualifications are not the same standard as Britian’s (sic)

In the last one he is presumably making comparison with the sages with whom he is talking.

Unlike Nicky however, Filipino immigrants have been a great Australian success story.

Such as this young woman:

Kristine Aquino: Anti-racism Researcher

Perhaps Nicky should read her research findings. And keep his hate to himself.