You Dont Speak for Me

One Voice In The Crowd

Does the current political discourse on race and immigration, as reported in the media, reflect the opinions of ‘ordinary’ Australians? I for one say No.

You Don’t Speak For Me.

Among my music collection is a treasured album from retired Australian folk singer Judy Small. I had the absolute delight of first hearing Judy perform before hundreds of women at the UN Women’s Forum in Beijing in 1995. A song that resonated with me then but more so now is You Don’t Speak For Me.

You who poison the airwaves with Ghengis Khan views

You broadcast your bias and call it the news

You say that you speak for the millions out there

And deny that you’re lighting a dangerous fuse

You don’t speak for me, no you don’t speak for me (J Small 1988)

I am a resident of the Gold Coast in the electorate of McPherson. Today…

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