The Bogot Cut-and-Paste Show

The bogots’ Straya is a place of cutting-edge politico-historical scholarship, a veritable Athens for the modern world.

Day after day bogots who can barely spell their own names get together in their little hate groups and are suddenly filled with the wonderful gift of knowledge imparted from the pages of the Herald-Sun, the deathless words of the likes of Alan Jones or the many bogot-friendly hate websites. They then take this knowledge and impart it to others like them, or sometimes they even invade groups opposed to them in order to spam it and shove it down people’s throats enlighten the ignorant.

Just look at these profound words shared generously by Belinda Elisaia-Thomas with members of her hate group . Such fatuous rubbish surging patriotism would bring a lump to the throat of the hardest cynic.


In fact so enthused are her fellow bogots that they excitedly queue up to “like” her post.

Cut and paste likes

and social anthropologist Donna Collins, replete with the knowledge and experience gained from living on that great centre of venerable Strayan culture the Gold Coast and regular jaunts to to the local shopping mall breathlessly informs her fellow bogots that luxury hotels (where a local wouldn’t be staying anyway) are now full of “dumpsters”.

We hope she has informed the local Council.

Social researcher Donna Collins investigates a dumpster as it attempts to enter the Palazzo Versace at Main Beach

Now what about this heart-warming fragment of verse? Turns out that far from being an upsurge of fervent local bogot patriotism it actually originated in Britain.

Broken Britain

And of course it had previously turned up in a slightly different form at American-based neo-Nazi sewer Scumfront.

Original cut and paste 2

Now we go over to this hate group who, when they are not busy crafting final solutions for asylum seekers that would make Eichmann proud are reverently invoking their ancestors.

Another cut and paste

Or more accurately some boiler-plate American ancestors

Great grandfather cut and paste

Not content with ripping off some American guff,  the spam-meisters who originally circulated this stuff then concocted an e mail and pretended it came from the independent MP for Kennedy Bob Katter. Of course it did not, but bogot spammers have no qualms about slandering a Member of Parliament in their desperate attempts to get credibility.

Australian site Hoax-Slayer exposed it this way:

Hoax Slayer

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We’ll let the satirical site Failbook have the last say

Cut and paste