Banning the Burqa in Australia

So… Let me get this straight. We need to ban the burqa because some bank got robbed by a guy wearing a burqa? Can we get our rational hats on please? We can react to fear, and create knee-jerk policies that will further alienate the people that we keep telling to respect us. Or we can put the ban hammer away and act like human beings.

Statistics show that women are more than 20 times less likely to rob a bank than a man. And women are the only ones who wear the burqa, excepting the thug who used it as a disguise to rob a bank.

But if I want to rob a bank tomorrow, I’m not going to show my face as I walk through the door – so I’m going to choose a balaclava, a motorbike helmet, a beekeeper mask, a ‘Scream’ mask, a million other possibilities, or a burqa. But wait, antibogan, the burqa is banned! You’re not allowed to wear the burqa while you’re robbing the bank! Oops, sorry, I’ll just rob the fucking bank with my balaclava.

Anybody notice the stupidity? The hypocrisy? The downright xenophobic, ignorant and intolerant attitude that could force such a decision? See, when I leave that bank, I’ll be allowed to wear the motorbike helmet, the balaclava or the beekeeper mask in public, but not the burqa. And while the burqa is worn exclusively by females, who statistically commit far less crimes than men, it’s ridiculous to think that the other options are all legal and unisex headwear.

To the bogans reading this – quit talking about it as though you’re concerned about the rights of women. What complete bullshit. You wouldn’t give a shit about the rights of a woman if you’re more than happy to take away her freedom of choice and freedom of religion with one hand and take her clothes off and put her on a stage and on billboards and on music video clips with the other.

To the bogans reading this – quit talking about this as though it is some kind of security risk. If I wanted to rob a bank tomorrow, what’s stopping me cutting holes in my bedsheets and running in looking like a halloween ghost?

The whole issue makes me sick, and NOT ONE fucking politician or media source is ready to be rational about it all. Fear sells, and who really gives a shit if we offend an entire culture, right? They made us cancel Christmas… Remember?? They did, didn’t they..? They didn’t? Oh..

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