Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Team Hate Group

Remember this guy? Last year Liberal Party stalwart Joseph Adams got himself into a bit of bother when it was revealed that he is in fact a 100% snaggle-toothed obsessive Facebook Islamophobe.

A highly embarrassed Liberal Party acted swiftly to rid itself of its shameful scion.

Adams article

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Undaunted by his rejection for the role as a future Robert Menzies, Adams proceeded to create his own party of fellow phobes.

Adams creates group

Not satisfied with this, Adams then joined illegal non-citizen Martin Brennan’s rag-tag APDM, an even scruffier offshoot of the ADL, dedicated to ridding Straya of “teh_mooslems” by all possible means, including violence and intimidation. After all 1% of the population is pretty scary if you live in the monocultural bits of Queensland where Muslims don’t even live and you have this, you know, anger about fings like yer know Vegemite n scary ladies in veils, anxieties that can only be relieved by pumping up and bashing some hapless minority group or other.

Street movement

In the name of xenophobic solidarity Adams is only too willing to embrace his fellow Islamophobes as they form yet another hate group.

Batty Burqa and friends

To keep the ole hate going, what better than to join in the quest to rid Straya of extremist nutjob Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon.

Even if it involves murder.

Murder page

Adams must have cut and pasted this Qur’an quote a million dreary times but he never gets tired of it.

Now for some typical gems from Joseph Adams’ mates. First, emulating her leader,  a cut-and-paste from a hundred anti-Muslim e mails lovingly reproduced by disciple Lyn Phillips Culton

Boring cut and paste

Ho hum Lynn…e mail fail…

We can’t accuse Joey of not being on the cutting edge of current events. Here’s his bunch of haters responding to the latest Muslim protests.


Veteran bigot Rosina leads the charge followed by Kellylee and Carol who wants a “mix” (sic) society – presumably one where everyone emulates the lifestyle of the bogot.

Now David has no doubts at all as to what the “Strayan way of life ” is. Scantily clad women and booze.

And Liz parades her clitoris for all the world to see. No thanks Liz but maybe you can get together with Dave and educate him.


Q: What’s the difference between a pub and a clitoris?

A: 80% of Strayan men can find the pub.


Not to be outdone, the lifestyle gurus are joined by gritty battle-hardened former Williamtown Air Force Base guard Ronald Munro, closely followed by Pauline Hanson worshipper Patricia Andrews.

And while Emma strains  dictionary and thesaurus in her attempt to sound intelligent, Ben wants his cock sucked.

Amazing how so much of the hatred ends up revolving around sex.

Obviously copying Emma’s efforts at improving her English, old Norm also manages to do some interesting stuff with mixed metaphors.

Gag mouth shut

We wish we had a photograph of that one Norm.

Now this would have to be one of the dumbest posts we have seen. Guess what Daniel, see if you can figure out where Gallipoli is and whom the Anzacs were fighting.

Anzac Day

And guess which victorious nation commemorates Anzac Day as well? And what the religious faith of most of its population is?

Gallipoli Mosque

This Sydney mosque is called the Gallipoli Mosque. Wonder if the bogots know why?

Debbie Smith

We will let veteran bogot Debbie Smith have the last word as she diligently posts up yet another spurious headline from yet another Muslim hate site.

Debbie Smith

Fetish party or protecting us from “teh_mooslems.” ?

Could be a nice home for Corey Bernardi once he is kicked out of the Liberal Party.

The Vampire (Batty) Chronicles


Folks love to be scared by the vampire
The chill that sends shakes up the spine
The thrill when it shows its bloodthirsty fangs
Except – when it happens online

The vampires of old were all fiction
Invented to give us a thrill
There’s a swarm now on Facebook however
All too real – and primed up to kill

Of course there’s a coven of  bridezillas
All clones of each other for sure
“Michelle”/”Debbie”/”Sharon”/ and others
Just some of what victims endure

Resident evil

Devil's spawn Batty style

They have made up their own special Renfield
“John Harris”/”Jack Schitt” and the like
With a diet of sewage and ordure
And fake profiles all ready to strike

They spawn a procession of fakies galore
Like maggots infesting remains
They make up defamatory pages
Spewed from their diseased and warped brains

“Just call me/us Sybil

"We recon (sic) we are not Muslim woman (sic)"

Vampires steal the souls of their victims
But  Battys like pics and IDs
These nutjobs rip photos and details
Send death threats, menace kids and families

They scream that they don’t get a platform
To excrete their vile racism upon
As they trample on all of their targets
With psychotic lies, threats and so on

Vampire lore tells us of a legend
That vampires cannot come in
Unless you invite them to cross the threshold
And do nothing as they commit sin

“I have no need to go to Australia”
Said Bin Laden before he was shot
“The Battys do all my work for me
They’re terrorists, their targets are not”

So let’s all shut the door on these Facebook undead
These traitorous bloodsucking scum
Batty, “Harris”, their harpies and all of their kind
Their downfall will soon enough come

“Ace” Fre: Pet Defective

It isn’t often that we come across someone so on top of the game as Facebook hate sites fan-girl “Ele Fre”.

Elessa Freelingos Pet Defective

Using only her mad Internetz skillz “Ele Fre” has managed to track down a number of truly alarming people.

Why are they dreadful? What laws have they broken.

Well um let me see…here are the unwritten laws of the racists and bigots as handed down presumably by someone looking like Charlton Heston.


1. Thou shalt not support the human rights of people.
2. Thou shalt not object when some knob jockey starts up a hate group or posts hate speech. Only hate speech is free speech.
3. Thou shalt receive death threats to thyself, thy children and damage to thy property in silence.
4. Remember that the 10% of the Australian population identified as holding racist and bigoted views represent the whole of the Australian population. (Mathematically unfeasible? Factually deficient? Nah, it’s how the 10% feel that counts).
5. Thou shalt not worship gods other than Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Islamophobe websites, e mail rumours from the US, teh_flag, teh_constitution…get the picture thou Marxist Greenie lesbian faggot dole-bludging gay race traitor cowards.
6. Keep Straya white…woops


Anyway I think you get the picture. So let’s take a closer look at “Ele” who likes to expose these wicked law-breaking people.

stupid ele fre

Ele Fre social media consultant and Batty share a tender intimate moment.

What a terrible crime! Running anti-racist pages! What is Straya coming to! Arrest them now! Report ! Report !

Ele Fre employment expert

Ele Fre employment consultant uses her highly developed people skills to pigeon-hole someone whom she has never met in order to vilify a whole group of other people. It’s a good thing Ele’s Greek ancestors had the foresight to arrive here before Ele was born.

Ele Fre legal expert

Ele Fre legal expert discusses a recent court case with fellow mentalists Beryl Bedsheet, last seen making an idiot of herself in a grubby bit of bed linen at Bankstown Square and Shane, a fashionista.

Oh did we tell you, Ele is also a real estate expert? She really knows the Campbelltown area, but that’s not all.

More on that later.

How can we possibly classify all of the factual information contained in this rant? Especially the one where she implies that TAB wear burqas. How can they when they are all hugging trees and having gay sex with them?

Now Ele we really should talk about Phoenix Arizona. We are sure you might be able to soothe your restless troubled mind by moving over there. After all it is one of the most immigrant-intolerant states in the US and the neighbourhood where you have your new investment property is…wait for it…87% WHITE

Do us and the rest of Australia a favour and take Batty and the rest of the freak show you hang out with as well.