Australian Shame: Death threats after racists exposed

Australian Shame is a Facebook page set up by Aboriginal people in the Kimberley to expose racism against Indigenous people in their own community as well as in the wider Australian community.

Australian Shame

The introduction states

It hurts to think you could be living in a predominantly racist country … but when you come across this kind of material enough it’s hard to think otherwise. Are the majority of us Aussies just ignorant bogans? For an educated 1st class country you would expect more understanding … or at least the patience to ask why things happen in the first place.If you can’t say things proudly to everyone then they shouldn’t be said to begin with!

Sentiments with which most normal Australians would agree.

However recently local TV station GWN 7 featured this story


This blog is more than familiar with death threats from members of hate groups, both via Facebook and via comments and e mails to the blog authors. It seems that the notion of white entitlement has not gone away. We wonder just what the bogots have been deprived of and what they think they should be getting.