The resistable rise of $2 shop patriotism – or, fancy a flag for lunch?


The back story is – the business was originally owned by Theo whom we presume was Greek, then some Vietnamese people took over but kept the name.


We are not sure who “new owners” are but we don’t think we’d fancy their food much.

While we’re at it



Love of country based on the proximity of the flag to body parts and body functions not usually exposed

That’s Straya for ya


Leading of course to this conclusion



‘Love it or Leave’ – The Irrationality of Racial Bigotry in Australia

Jessica Young Will Provide You With Dental Work and Bigotry

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.33.20 AM

Drunken yobbos, bigots and bogans frequently get around with the Australian flag draped over their shoulders, dragging in the dirt. Sometimes they wear the flag as boxer shorts that rub up against their sweaty genitals. Often, they fly it from their cars allowing it to become dirty, tatty and ripped. And on occasion, they force non-whites to kiss it at music festivals to pledge some form of allegiance to our country.

The entire time our home-growns have been treating a piece of material made in China the flag this way, they have been simultaneously demanding that foreigners assimilate, ironically ignoring the overwhelming evidence that they are already.

We come to the photo of the Australian Muslims wearing the flag proudly as a hijab. Enter Jessica Young, dental nurse at DC Dental:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.34.23 AM

Happy Citizens Day! Sorry, ‘Australia Day’…

Since way back in 2009, the bogots have had their panties in a twist over proposed changes to Australia Day. A chain email went around telling people that the Government was going to change the name of Australia Day to ‘Citizen’s Day’. Of course, the natural bogot reaction was to immediately believe a chain email and not to do a little bit of research to validate such an outrageous claim.

The closest we ever came to a change in anything Australia Day related was back in ’09 when Australian of the Year and Indigenous academic and activist Mick Dodson suggested that it seemed a little morbid that we celebrate a day of invasion and dispossession of the original inhabitants of the land, the Aboriginal people. Prime Minister at the time Kevin Rudd’s response? “…a simple, respectful, but straightforward no.”

The day when Australia came into existence as a country was January 1st, 1901. But we already have a public holiday on that day so why bother replacing it, right?

The power of the British Parliament to legislate for Australia was not legally removed until the adoption of the Australia Act in 1986.  This Act came into force on 3rd March, but I think that’s a bit too obscure for most people to want to claim that as Australia Day.

On the 27th of May, 1967 a referendum was passed enabling Aboriginal people to be counted in the National census for the first time (ie. become recognised as actual humans and citizens of our country). But to pander to the Abos would be outrageous according to the bogots who rose up against people like Ron Barassi for lending support to the notion.

It seems that Australia Day has become little more than a public holiday where Aussies are encouraged to get as drunk as they can and fill themselves to breaking point full of BBQed meat. It’s a day where we see the Australian flag draped over sweaty bodies and dragged through the dirt, and then held in front of non-whites to kiss. And the slightest hint that we should be reflective of the contributions of all Australians regardless of their origin or religion is screamed down and laughed at by the small bogan population who long for the olden days where non-whites were refused entry because of imaginary perilous diseases and women were restricted to the kitchen and the bedroom.

Mitch Fing isn’t racist as he has Samoan and Tongan friends. But he thinks they should probably ‘get back on the boat’.

Ouch… Wouldn’t want to offend those guys.

Longing for the blokey back-slapping, circle-jerking, testosterone and alcohol fuelled day of rioting in ‘nulla…

Non-racist Mitch Fing agrees and offers to start some riots in Macquarie Fields!

And where else would you expect to find raving lunatics discussing so called changes to Australia Day? Stormfart of course! Note: 2010 origination of post:

More comments and groups made back in 2010 agonising over a proposed change that was never even proposed. Is it so hard for these melodramatic failfucks to do a bit of research?

Anyway, celebrate the day however you choose. And wave the damn flag as much as you please as long as you don’t act like a fuckwit and bring our country’s reputation into disrepute as you do it.

Some light reading to finish with:

Study shows racist views link to car flags

Professor Farida Fozdar
Monday, 23 January 2012

People who fly Australia Day flags on their cars tend to express more racist attitudes than others without flags, according to research findings at The University of Western Australia.

UWA sociologist and anthropologist Professor Farida Fozdar and a team of assistants surveyed 513 people at last year’s Australia Day fireworks on Perth’s Swan River foreshore.

One in five said they had attached flags to their cars to celebrate Australia Day.

Professor Fozdar said 43 per cent of those with car flags said they believed the now-abandoned White Australia Policy had saved Australia from many problems experienced by other countries, while only 25 per cent without flags agreed.

(Non-Europeans were barred from migrating to Australia until after World War II, when immigration restrictions began to ease.)

A total of 56 per cent of people with car flags feared their culture and its most important values were in danger, compared with 34 per cent of non-flaggers.

And 35 per cent of flaggers felt that people had to be born in Australia to be truly Australian, while 23 per cent believed that true Australians had to be Christian, compared with 22 per cent and 18 per cent respectively for non-flaggers.

Professor Fozdar said her research also revealed clear differences in how people with car flags felt towards minority groups.

Only 39 per cent of flaggers expressed a positive view towards Aboriginal Australians compared with 47 per cent of non-flaggers, 19 per cent of flaggers felt positive towards Muslim Australians compared with 26 per cent of non-flaggers; seven per cent of flaggers were positive towards asylum seekers compared with 24 per cent of non-flaggers, and 27 per cent with flags felt positive towards Asian Australians compared with 48 per cent of non-flaggers.

Three survey questions sought views on Australian cultural diversity: 64 per cent of people with car flags agreed that it was good for people from different ethnic, religious and racial groups to live in Australia, compared with 75 per cent of non-flaggers.

An overwhelming 91 per cent of people with car flags agreed that people who move to Australia should adopt Australian values, compared with 76 per cent of non-flaggers.

A total of 55 per cent of flaggers believed migrants should leave their old ways behind, compared with 30 per cent of non-flaggers.

However majorities of both groups – 60 per cent of flaggers and 73 per cent of non-flaggers – also felt that it was best to respect and learn from each other’s cultural differences.

Professor Fozdar said there was no clear link between education, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, voting pattern or income and flag flying, although her survey showed a slightly higher likelihood of younger rather than older people adopting the practice.

In terms of nationalism, 88 per cent of those with Australia Day car flags said they thought it showed they were proud to be Australian, while only 52 per cent of those without flags thought so.

Some thought the increased popularity of flying Australia Day car flags was due to increased patriotism while others said it was simply peer pressure to follow the trend or avoid seeming unpatriotic.

Many said it was due to marketing and the cheap availability of car flags, while some thought it was a response to loss of culture due to multiculturalism, immigration, invasion and terrorism.

“What I found interesting is that many people didn’t really have much to say about why they chose to fly car flags or not,” Professor Fozdar said.

“Many felt strongly patriotic about it – and for some, this was quite a racist or exclusionary type of patriotism – but it wasn’t a particularly conscious thing for many.

“Very clear statistical differences in attitudes to diversity between those who fly car flags and those who don’t, show that flag waving – while not inherently exclusionary – is linked in this instance to negative attitudes about those who do not fit the ‘mainstream’ stereotype’.”

Professor Fozdar said fewer people said they flew Australia Day car flags last year – one in five – compared with 2010 when it was one in four.


And Nine Network’s A Current Affair featured this coverage of Professor Fozdar’s research.


Flying aussie flags on your car means you are racist.

Politics and the Bogot

The bogots are passionate about their politics, while understanding very little about the political process of the country in which they live.

Take the national icons for example.


Bogots overwhelmingly  love the flag. It adorns their houses, their cars, their shoulders, bums and boobs. It provides much material for lurid tattoos. It decorates them at a range of public occasions from Big Day Out to the footie to the next anticipated punch-up with lefties greenies Muslims “unStrayans”.

Kudelka cartoon

We breathlessly await the flag franger so every bogot banana can be proud and protected.. Something like this effect for whenever the bogot feels one coming on. Matter of fact, the bogot has one now.

Flag franger

Bogots are quite adamant that the Anzacs fought under the current Australian flag in WWI. Sadly for them, the Anzacs did not. They fought under the Union Jack, the flag of Britain and its Empire.

Likewise the bogot is convinced that Australia’s Constitution, a document which most of them have not read, contains a provision for “free speech”. Again, it does not.

Now Mark [name removed] is very concerned about the direction Straya is heading.

We were not aware that curtains had political parties. Maybe Mark is confused because he read something about Curtin, one of Australia’s greatest Prime Ministers. Or maybe he is worried about Daylight Saving. Thankfully he is not going to run anyone out of town about it. We are all breathing easier at TAB.

Nevertheless his mate Gary, a laundry expert, is in no doubt about what he wants done with the curtains.

Joel Rickard desperately wants an election. He may have even been watching events unfold in the Middle East, where people have taken to the streets to get rid of their governments. Or maybe not – the bogots don’t like the Middle East.

Joel Rickard

Sadly, Joel is yet another who is ignorant of the Constitution. There are only a few very specific circumstances in which the Governor-General is empowered to call an election, and none of them exist at the moment, even with a minority government. Even with a “petetition” (sic)

Fortunately, Antony Green, probably Australia’s foremost expert on election matters, has answers.

Nathan Smith, Newcastle’s own Pathetic Party stalwart (yes, there is one) is on about they. We assumed he meant the overwhelming majority of the Australian people who do not subscribe to the politics of the APP and parties like it, but apparently not. He is talking about asylum seekers.

Nathan Smith

So according to Nathan the two or three thousand boat arrivals who come here each year and who cannot vote until they have achieved permanent residency and citizenship (a process which can take several years) apparently have the power to hugely influence elections. Someone better tell the major political parties, especially Labor. Maybe they’ll change their asylum seeker policy.

Pete Barry is keen on defending Straya by re-introducing national service, a policy which frankly has failed to receive much support from the electorate in the past . Perhaps it will be more attractive with some “flexability” (sic) which sounds like our soldiers might be doing some stretching exercises.  We were hoping Pete might elaborate, but unfortunately he then got distracted by the serious question of leadership.

We have noticed that the bogots love the concept of leadership, being the dedicated sheep-like followers they are. And Pete Barry is in no doubt as to who should run Straya – failed serial political candidate Pauline Hanson is his pick for PM.

Pauline for PM

It is hard to know how Pete came to that conclusion, since Hanson was rejected as a political candidate in turn by the Liberal Party, then her own party. Then again impulsive brain-farts based on no evidence whatsoever  have long characterised bogot thinking.

Now here’s Julie Coleman, Facebook’s own version of Crownies  Tracey Samuels.

Fortunately “Tracey Samuels” is a fictitious character. Unfortunately Julie Coleman is not.

From her own personal high moral Everest Julie ceaselessly patrols the Internet stabbing her cyber-digit at those of whom she disapproves. Of course, they all lie to the left of Julie politically. Most of the country does.

Julie Coleman

We think she was talking about TAB. We would quite happily accept donations but unfortunately we do not for all sorts of sound legal reasons.

We know that religion can be a good cash cow, but we have better things to do with our weekends.

Now here’s a Batty who is quite sure it knows what TAB is.


Err…never heard of “social alliance” (sic). Please explain…

Aussie Flag Desecration

A bit hard to read, I know. Surely these fuckers should be abiding by the ‘speak English or fuck off’ rule. Nonetheless, Brad is merely reporting on a story.

Here’s another story for you Brad: wearing the flag around your shoulders, spilling your beer on it, treading on it and letting it drag through the dirt behind you while you physically and verbally abuse non-whites is also desecration of the flag.

Illegally taking down the flag isn’t supported by anyone here, but it hardly warrants blatant racism and threats of violence…

‘Death to sand niggers’

‘…freddo frog looking dogz’

‘Fuck em indeed’

Australian Flag Represents Other Country

The Australian flag debate was recently re-opened by Ray Martin and the ‘60 Minutes’ current affairs television show. Ray and his team of producers received piles of hate mail and death threats. What happened to freedom of speech? Most of the people writing these letters of hate mail and death threats were the kind of people who advocated freedom of speech in order to vilify people based on their race/religion/culture. Double standards?

Read the transcript of the story that went to air:

Vera is very angered that the Australian flag should acknowledge our cultural diversity and our Indigenous heritage – this outrages her completely. “…they want out flag to represent other countries…”. Well, Vera, that’s not what flag-change advocates want at all. They want a flag that represents the true picture of modern Australia, and a flag that allows us to stand as our own independent country. One in four Australians were born overseas. One in two Australians has foreign roots.

Take a look at Vera’s last name – hardly an Aussie name – or is it? Either way, Vera is unable to recognise that the Union Jack represents another country, and that the Southern Cross is something shared by half of the world. In fact, the Southern Cross appears on the following flags:

New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Presidential Standard of Brazil
Queen’s Personal New Zealand Flag
East New Britain
New Ireland Province
Simbu Papua New Guinea Province
Western Province
West New Britain
Magallanes Region, Chile
Tierra del Fuego
South Atlantic Islands
Olympic flag of Australasia
Flag of the Ross Dependency

That doesn’t include state flags. Hardly exclusive.

And as for having another country owning a quarter of our flag with their national flag – doesn’t this seem silly to anyone else?