Germanic Australian Pushing Nazi Agenda? Not In My Haas!

Remember this arse-hat?

Zeb Haas

If not, lucky you. He won’t be forgotten around here…


What’s a ‘fagna’? Poor old Nazi homophobe!

Haas is a German name. I’m sure most German Australians would appreciate it if Zeb stopped perpetuating the Nazi regime, and I’m sure that most Australians in general would appreciate it if Zeb fell off the edge of the earth, taking his shit-bomb car with him.

Does the Australian Navy need people like Daniel Warn?

Wading through one particular cesspool of a Facebook group, we find a number of bogots in inane, discriminatory deep discussion about our indigenous peoples.

One particular knuckle-dragging specimen suggests that the historic and horrific genocide of Aboriginal people in Tasmania should now be rolled out across the country.

Ladies and gents, meet Daniel Warn.

As though the initial comments by Daniel aren’t bad enough, it does actually get far worse.

Daniel Warn, according to his Facebook profile, is employed by the Royal Australian Navy.

Which means, the ever precious funds irreverently referred to by bogots and politicians as Our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars are going towards giving this cretin a nice wage, domestic and international travel opportunities, and possibly other tax benefits afforded to naval personnel such as cars or an oft vacant rental property.

Such benefits are not to be begrudged of our armed forces, most of whom are undoubtedly hard-working and are prepared to commit their lives to our country. For that we give them and their families all due respect and thanks. That is not to be denied.

On the other side of that coin, they should deserve the high esteem in which we hold them. They should not be purging racist bile, in public, on social media such as Facebook.

Here, we see Daniel take aim at any and all non-English speakers, with particular reference to an unfortunate taxi driver who happened to be providing him with a service, and just Asians generally…

We have to wonder about Daniel’s credentials for judging the English-speaking abilities of others, considering he seems to think that speaking English means inserting the word ‘fuckn’ (sic) in a sentence as many times as possible.

Hmm, let’s see, has Daniel left anyone out?

Surely that must be it… is there anyone else for Daniel to slander or offend? Any other ugly hate speech to spew out? Anyone else he could possibly discriminate against?

Amazingly, there is. Here we see Daniel find a number of colourful ways to disrespect and degrade, well… roughly half the human population.


Daniel Warn, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but recently, Acting Chief of the Australian Army Major-General Paul Symon sent a message to all personnel about the use of social media. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the Royal Australian Navy would share a similar sentiment that racist comments on Facebook “display, for all to see, a simple lack of human decency and compassion”.

If you did miss it, you can find it here:

Need we say any more?

Muslims and Asians Breed Faster = Sharia Law in Australia

Poor old deluded ‘Alicia Ryan’. Because Muslims and Asians ‘breed faster’, they must be kept out of parliament. Alicia thinks that Asians and Muslims are only having children because they want to infiltrate parliament to install Sharia Law. And Asians? WTF? Sharia Law?


Here are some facts for you Alicia:

* 37% of the 341,000 Muslims in Australia were born here, and over 80% have high proficiency in English.

* Only one third of Australian Muslims speak Arabic.

* Despite being in Australia for over 100 years, Muslims (of all descents) represent less than 2% of our entire population.

Go away.

Nope, Not Racist At All: The Week In Review

We get so many emails these days that we don’t need to troll festering hate groups on Facebook. 10-15 emails a day full of screenshots is enough to keep us feeling ill at the amount of shit-eaters who are so full of hatred and sheer stupidity.

Feel free to email us at any time at . Here is a collection of screenshots forwarded to us over the past week or so.


“…dirty stinky petrol drinking Centrelink warriors.”

Another spectacularly tragic Facebook group, where people find it acceptable to post their hideous hatred. Just under 80,000 people ‘like’ this page in fact. And with people like Lauren Herbert talking about our population being invaded, Nathan Stewart and Joshua Goodall defending racism and Daniel Torrens talking about how our Indigenous people are all ‘stinky petrol drinking Centrelink warriors’, are we really going to continue to deny the existence of racism in Australia?