Racist anti-Asian rant on Sydney train caught on camera as stunned commuters watch on

Posted Tue at 6:13am

The moment a woman racially abused an Asian passenger on a Sydney train has been caught on camera, as stunned commuters watched on during a minute-long rant.

The verbal attack occurred about 9:30pm on a service between Chatswood and Epping on May 11.

The video was filmed on a mobile phone by another passenger, who provided it to ABC News on the condition of anonymity.

“I feel bad I couldn’t help the girl but I am also Asian and I was worried I would also be attacked if I stepped in,” they said.

“I hope the video can make people aware of this issue and stop racism in Australia.

“There were about 15 people on the carriage but no-one did anything.”

They said the incident was sparked after the alleged victim noticed the abuser littering, and asked her to clean up the mess.

Trains boss condemns attack

Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins said there were 1.3 million journeys per day on the city’s trains “but one incident like this is too much”.

“The important thing I want every single one of my customers to know is if you see something like that, tell us straight away,” he said.

“The sooner we understand what’s going on the quicker we can get our police involved and deal with such people.”

PHOTO:  A witness claimed that a dispute about littering sparked the incident (Supplied)

Australia’s racial discrimination commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane said incidents like this were more common than you might think.

“If a perpetrator of a racist act has done so because of mental illness, you would hope that their wellbeing is looked after,” he said.

“But it doesn’t take away from the harm that’s done from someone on the receiving end of racism.”

He described the video as “the tip of an iceberg” and argued most incidents of racial abuse were not caught on camera.

PHOTO: Dr Tim Soutphommasane urged people to speak up if they witnessed racial abuse


Laughing at the Lamington Reich

In the milling maggoty squirmy sludge that makes up the far right, one occasionally catches a glimpse of an older evil amongst all the present-day phobic paranoiacs and yammering identity movements.

Here’s one who gave us a laugh.



Daz obviously gets his political rocks off by lovingly stroking the “Gays are paedophiles” myth.

Everyone knows that’s a furphy, but we’re a bit concerned about old Daz. Obsessive much?


Next to a warm wet homophobic slur coupled with an obsession with child abuse there is nothing your garden variety (as in noxious weed) nutzi likes better than a bit of Asian bashing.

This was in response to a post about Pauline Hanson, the bigots’ friend. The post quoted Hanson’s first speech from 1996 where she paraded the expected pile of rubbish about Asian immigrants.



Daz is very keen to get people from this Facebook group over to Scumfront, the site of choice for racist and bigoted losers everywhere. Perhaps he is hoping for a hot date? Or a bit of the old grooming? Or some Aryan-style family formation?

Happy Nazi family leaves a NY Family Court hearing

Daz even wants to show them dodgy movies. And he will keep banging on about Scumfront.


Having reached in, groped around  and given us a glimpse of his intentions he then gets on with Asian-bashing.


At the 2011 Census 2.4 million Australians or about 12% declared that they had an Asian ancestral background (ABS). This includes people of mixed ethnicity.

Looks like Asians are well and truly here to stay, integrated into the wider society and responsible for a great deal of economic activity.

And looks like Daz and his hero Pauline Hanson have missed that bit.

Now here’s the money shot


We’ve heard this one before where the bigot claims some sort of identity with the object of its hatred. We’re not sure of the mixture involved – maybe his mum was from Roswell and his dad was Reptilian?

That never stopped such blond blue-eyed Aryans Lamingtons like Jim Saleam and Jack Van Tongeren now did it.

Newcastle anti-Asian racists confess – “because they are to stingey (sic). “


There’s a Facebook page called Newcastle Confessions.

To be fair it is not a racist page though it can get racy at times.

However an anonymous deli worker decided to post this confession


Ah yes – another racist too shy to own its racist comments. And then followed a rush of racists all eager to get their 2 cents’ worth in.

Richard  however was not quite so shy.


Mat has a burning desire to live in Asia. We can bet that Asia would not be all that willing to welcome him.

We hope he keeps that in mind next time he heads off to Bali all fired up to exploit the locals.


Here we go, Xenophobic Myths 101


Oh good Bianca, it is clear you need to head out of here since your grasp of English is…umm…


Luke decides to drag in Aboriginal people since he isn’t getting a big enough hard-on from insulting Asians.


One wonders why the 104 had to pull up for this one.

Strangely enough Luke is a foreigner from Queensland. And when he is not getting stuck into Aboriginal people Luke apparently defends the nation at 2CER Enoggera.


We wonder if Luke has bothered to take heed of what the ADF thinks of racism and racists who parade their hatreds on social media.

And we wish that Luke had thought about his missus before he opened his mouth on Facebook. Not to mention the Awabakal and Worimi people he has just rubbished.

Anti-Asian Boobies


Now we have your attention…


So generally speaking if you visit a nail salon you are there to get fingers and toes dealt with – right?

So what gives Yvonne the impression the staff, whom we assume are female (they usually are in nail salons) and usually not sexually interested in other women, were commenting on anyone’s boobs if they were speaking another language?

So was your daughter breast-feeding a baby? In that case maybe the salon workers were merely curious. Young women without children of their own often are.

Or is it just another excuse to bring up the old chestnuts (pardon the pun) which go something like this…

1. “If ur in Straya speke English cos we do so rooly good”

2. “Ur being rascist against Strayans cos ur spekeing Asian”

Boguette boobies take note…it isn’t always about you.