Caring, Friendly Australians

“Rohallah Gharibyar is his family’s only hope of escaping perpetual menace and frequent violence in Pakistan; better, he says, to drown trying to reach Australia than go back or wait indefinitely in Indonesia.”

When the situation is so dire in one’s home country that a person would risk dying to find safety, they are automatically assumed to be a terrorist or welfare cheat. Ignoring the fact that we have our own home-grown terrorists and welfare cheats, Darrin Hodges, Paul Murch, Stacy Goodwin, Matt ‘Mutation’, Andrew Hodgson and David Edmondson would like to see these desperate people drown. These people have been fleeing and coming to Australia for decades, and these bogan trash whingers still have comfortable-as-fuck lives, sitting in the safe warmth of their houses, smash-typing out their rage on their lovely broadband-connected computers.