Anna Dean’s Halal Hysteria

“…A halal ate my baby!!”

Commercial Facebook pages are rather dull places. However this doesn’t seem to stop frenzied obsessive bigoted nutjobs from marching on and having foaming tantrums if the business does something they do not like.

In the case of supermarket giant Coles, it is supposedly doing what a business sensitive to consumer needs and aware of its target market wants and marking products as halal or kosher as appropriate. It also provides nutritional information on products telling consumers if they contain nuts, if they are gluten-free or if they contain dairy products, so that customers unable to eat these products may make informed choices.

So along comes Islamophobe Anna Dean in full Joan of Arc mode accompanied by a rag tag bunch of bogot fanatics.

Halal hysteria 1

Now note that Anna by her own admission already buys her meat from an independent butcher so we are puzzled as to why Coles marketing practices concern her so much. However this is nothing new for us. The strange cognitive processes of the bogot continue to be a mystery.

Halal hysteria 2

Not to be outdone by their leader, the rest of the bogots climb out of the ruck and start to clamour for a hearing.

Halal hysteria Eve

Err speak for yourself sweetheart. Yet another clown who thinks “Australian values” = her own brain farts.

Eve de Laurent

Another CGI patriot from Bogot Central Casting

And no one “pays” for halal certification except the meat producers. Just as they pay for veterinary services, licensing fees to health authorities and other fees which enable their businesses to run. They then pass these costs down the supply chain to consumers. That is the nature of capitalism.

So are you now advocating a Communist society perhaps where the state owns the means of production? Or unregulated backyard slaughter – maybe you’d like to butcher and carve up your own steer while sinking goon by the pool?

Halal hysteria 4

A breathe of fresh air as someone sane points out that halal slaughter is no crueller than conventional non-halal slaughter in Australia. However the elevated tone lasts a mere nano-second as the Maid of Facebook lurches back into full shrillness linking halal certification with an escalating range of horrors for which in typical bogot style it offers no evidence.

And Adam Richards, racism is a form of bigotry. You don’t get let off being labelled as intolerant just because Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group.

Adam Richards, you are a bigot.

Halal hysteria 4

Now the Patriot Posse is in full flight, complete with fuzzy logic-theology from Wagga evangelist Mrs Palmer and the Five Granddaughters, all huddled under the mythical burqa which will ultimately consume them. Balaam’s ass gets a look-in as well, though it has nothing to do with Islam.

There are enough asses in that thread without dragging in a mythical Biblical one.


Halal hayseed

Straight from rural Queensland comes Debbie Monroe, amateur religious historian, resplendent in a borrowed Wonder Woman outfit, fired up to give us the revelation that she is racist. Yawn, yeah we knew that Debbie.

Halal hysteria 7

Now as tends to happen whenever we feature a stand-off between our folk and the Farces Forces of Bogotry, the dialogue degenerates quickly as the fake freaks take centre stage. Turd “Toad Man” is first as befits waste products expelled noisomely, followed by “Ron Proud”. This is supposed to have the effect of generating gales of laughter amongst the anti-bigot posters and the TAB members watching the thread scaring all those unwashed feral lefties who are also posting.

One of the TAB folk sums it up nicely for the benefit of the Coles admin, who has left to do something presumably more riveting, like watching grass grow on the local bowling green.

Coles – just ignore this pack of neo-Nazi scumbags. They DO NOT represent Australia.


Just when you thought it was safe to return to Coles, St Anna of Orleans Facebook vomited up this pearler.

Halal hysteria 10

1. Animals are bled out when they are dead

2. Halal slaughter of Australian meat is done in Australia by accredited Muslim slaughter-men who are Australian. Just like everywhere else in the meat industry.

3. Coles probably thinks Anna is as deluded as we do

We now have some insight into why Joan of Arc was executed by the Church in the 15th Century –  if she was anything like Anna.

Ban the Burqa? Anti-Islam (Aussie Pride) Rears Its Ugly Head Again

The question of whether or not Australia should ban the burqa has once again come to the media forefront, and despite living in a peaceful society in which freedom of culture and religion have been the norm for decades, frightened and aggressive Australian racists have allowed their Islamophobic opinions to overcome any hint of rationality that might have otherwise been.

A recent story in the news was the decision of a Melbourne swimming pool to accommodate a dress code requested by a small group of Muslim swimming enthusiasts.

Note: The restriction would apply only in August of next year, for two hours in the evening, for one night. While you’re reading some of the intolerant, outraged rants of concerned Australians, just keep in mind that this applied dress code was imposed after regular pool opening hours, at night, in Winter. I’ve never seen Australians using public pools on cold Winter nights, have you?

Secondly, the dress code wasn’t mandatory burqas, like a lot of these bogans are complaining about. It was T-shirts and board shorts. It was a request that shoulders and knees were covered, and that’s all.









The following is a publicly posted email sent to the swimming pool in question. Make sure you read to the bottom of this bogan twat’s email where she threatens a ‘huge demonstration’ from outraged Australians.


Australians have already mistakenly assumed that their swimming pools were being taken from them by ‘Islamist mayors’ – be aware that this isn’t the first explosion of mass delusion. Serial right-wing radio pest Alan Jones hyped the hopelessly critically inept bogans up with a story about a swimming pool in Auburn that was apparently closing its doors to non-Muslims. Just like the story above regarding the Dandenong Oasis Swimming Pool in Melbourne, the dress code sessions were open to anyone as long as they followed the slightly altered dress code (t-shirts and board shorts), and the sessions ran once a week, for one month, in the middle of Winter.

Read about it here:

So, this is now the second time that racist Australians have got their bikinis and budgie smugglers in a knot over a small group of Muslims wanting a swimming pool dress code applied for a few nights in Winter. Neither of the pools closed their doors to non-Muslims.

And whenever some sensationalist anti-Muslim hoax comes to light, dead shit Australians come out of the woodwork to speak of their vile hatred for Muslims, thinking that their choice of words is completely acceptable under the guise of some kind of patriotic freedom of speech and a desire to ‘protect’ our country from these terrorists.




(Did this arse hat just identify an alleged Muslim goal of making Australia a Muslim country in the next 10 years? Wonder where he got that gem from… Considering Muslims have been in Australia for over a hundred years, and that the current percentage of Australian citizens practicing the religion of Islam is around 1.3%…)


Note: In this misguided, ill-informed rant, Clinton made 41 spelling and grammar errors. That’s all that needs to be said at this point.




Sorry Kelvin, which laws are Muslims not abiding by in our country? And are you implying that all Australian citizens abide by the law…?



Anybody else smell a bullshit, made-up story? There’s nothing worse than a bogan who makes up stories to support ill-conceived reasons as to why her overt racism is justified.


Ummmm…. No they don’t:


Another knob-end refusing to confront these issues in a rational way. Read about this issue below:


It really is a sad state of affairs. Muslims are copping a raw deal, especially when fundamentalist crackpot Islamic leaders are the only ones mainstream media ever wants to pay any attention to. Among the atrocities Australians are willing to associate Muslims to include:

* Muslims are terrorists;

* Muslims are pedophiles;

* Muslims want Shari’a Law to rule Australia;

* Muslims are taking over the population;

* Asylum seekers are all Muslims;

* Muslims want to cancel Christmas;

* Muslims want to rape women who walk around in bikinis;

* Muslim husbands all beat their wives;

* Muslims want to close swimming pools;

* Muslims refuse to participate in Australian society.

All complete bullshit.

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