Douglas Stewart and the Australian Defence League – Saving Us With Bombs and Guns

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Do you feel safer knowing that ADL members are sharing weapon-making videos with their members – some of whom have spare rooms full of rifles and semi-automatic weapons and some of whom idolise people like Anders Brievik?

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More Australian Defence League here:

Little White Clown Hodges Continues With Self-Image Sabotage

Darrin responds to calls for a right-wing neo-nazi gunman to chuck a ‘breivik’ to ‘take back’ Sydney suburbs with a truly political and diplomatic answer.

Shortly after showing yet more support for Anders Breivik and his actions, Hodges is at it again, this time calling for all Muslims to be deported from Australia, regardless of country of origin, background, criminal history or contribution to our country. He negatively generalises all Australian Muslims as being bomb-carrying, burqa wearing filthy murders. He’s certainly a radical Islamist’s wet dream. Needed a reason to hate Australians? Darrin Hodges.

Yes Darrin, ask 50% of our population to leave. The 50% that was either born overseas or has family that were born overseas. Keep Australia white indeed. Let’s take a look at how beautiful the white-as-snow Darrin Hodges is, and how he enhances the gene pool here in Australia:

(Note: is it time for Darrin to buy some more ties?)