Putting Words In The Mouths of Children

Oh come on. Really? A seven year old child, with no prompting, really said there are not many ‘Aussies’ left in the country, and that there are only ‘chinaman (sic), bomb chuckers, black man (sic) and chow wows’ here? And that they are rude because they don’t speak ‘australian language’?

If that’s even remotely true (or possible), I wonder where she picked up words like ‘bomb-chuckers’ and ‘chow-wows’ from.

“Tell me again Mummy, why can’t I be friends with Vanessa Li? Because her mum is smarter and more successful and has a funny accent when speaking English? That sounds like a good reason to be friends with Vanessa! Please be reasonable, Mummy!”

We suspect that Amanda is actually the 7 year old, in case you hadn’t worked it out for yourself yet.