TAB’s 500th Post – Mitchey Bieber *****’ ‘Refugee Opinion’

Dear Mitch *****,

Thank you for highlighting your issues with asylum seekers blatant unsubstantiated hatred. You have added to the growing list of morons who are embarrassing our country globally.

Like so many before you, you’ve avoided facts, or at least have just been too damn stupid to understand them.

You seem to think that Australia is only beautiful when it’s populated by festy lunatics like yourself. Refugees risk everything including their lives to seek safety. They are survivors and they know what it’s like to wake up every morning knowing that the day could be their last.

Less than 5% of boat arrivals are found not to be genuine refugees, and the rest are found to be fleeing countries that are ruled by dictators and terrorists. Asylum seekers are forced to hand over their papers and belongings before boarding boats that aren’t even assured to reach their proclaimed destination/s, and they are rubbished by fuckwits like you when they get here who are frightened that they’re going to rape you and steal your hair gel.

By all means, trash those who have come here to seek a better life – a life where they are no longer persecuted, a life where they no longer fear being beaten, raped or killed. Einstein was a refugee, and he worked damn hard. He survived life’s cruel blows and proved people wrong.

You, in comparison to these people, are fucking nothing.