The Bogot History of Straya

Once upon a time there was a mythical wide brown land called Straya. It suddenly appeared in 1788 even though according to scientists it was probably the world’s oldest continent and one of the first to be continuously inhabited by modern humans (feral unwashed leftie propaganda) and was then sprinkled with white people, something like a giant flat Pacific lamington.

There were people already living in Straya even though the English said that no one lived here so they didn’t really live here. So the English called the land “Terror Nullius” or something.  Probably because these people ran away in terror and hid from the strange white ghosts. A wise move.

In many ways they probably wish they were still hiding.


Life for the people who were here in the first place changed just like this.

Aboriginal rights

We can see the Aborigines got better toilets from it. That’s what true Strayans would say anyhow.

The white people liked to think they had a unique kinship with the often challenging and cruel bush, the ancient mountains, the eerie silences and the baking hot deserts. Not to mention the flies, the mozzies and the cow and sheep dung. That is why they moved as quickly as possible to the coast where most of them live now. But they still had the bush poets like Banjo Paterson, who spent most of his adult life in the harsh wilderness of Gladesville, to tell them about their bush heritage.

Life was tough in the Paterson bush hovel

All true Strayans embraced Ned Kelly and Eureka  woops …

(Warning for true Strayans – feral unwashed leftie multicultural propaganda)

Straya’s best time was in the war (any war) especially the Great War where they won at Gallipoli. This was followed by WWII which they also won.  Strayans don’t like to talk much about the Depression because no one won anything then and there were no Diggers.

Then there was the 1950s when absolutely everyone was white (except for the Indigenous people, the Chinese, the Afghan descendants, the Kanak descendants, the Pacific Islanders, the Cocos Malays etc etc) and had white fences around their houses. Women were called ladies and stayed home. They weren’t allowed in pubs much anyway.

A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down while waiting for the man of the house to come home

Strayan men on the other hand worked very hard

This was the time everyone at school saluted the British flag at morning Assembly and sang to the British Queen. And did lots of marching. That gave them lots of skills and knowledge about things.

Marching was good for the brain

And  people who were not even born then remember that time, know exactly what it was like and are always talking about it and wanting to return there.

Straya rode on the sheep’s back. It must have been uncomfortable.

Sheep's back

Straya only had two Prime Ministers.

Bogots have an innate understanding of Australian political history

They are both here. Strayans loved them

Both PMs

Bogots like watching telly so here’s an educational video.

Another educational video here

Ben Polis and his vile rants

More Ben Polis rants

Ben Polis vile rants

There’s a lesson here for anyone who writes repulsive racist, bigoted, misogynist, homophobic and defamatory stuff on social media

Even a wealthy and powerful business identity can lose his livelihood, clients and his reputation. No doubt he has brought shame to his family as well. His life has been trashed forever

This is how the Herald-Sun reported his downfall.

Racist’s empire left in ruins

Paul Tatnell and Padraic Murphy
From: Herald Sun
April 06

Ben Polis rants


Read more

Melbourne ditches backer EnergyWatch in racism storm

Energy Watch CEO Ben Polis sacked after Facebook brainmelt

and some tongue-in-cheek from slackbastard.

Craig Thomson, Ben Polis & Freedom of Speech Under Attack! by The Politically Correct Brigade

Aborigines Stole the Land From Bacteria and Animals

No, people don’t make jokes about Aboriginal people stealing the land from bacteria and animals because jokes are usually funny.

Dylan Hamer-Mathew – you’re evidence that bacteria has been allowed to remain living in this country with full rights and opportunity for so many years.

Craig Humfrey wants all “mussies” (sic) shot and burned; seeks caring, thoughtful soulmate

Hold onto your girdles, ladies: the xenophobe wants a wife.

Craig has “no hangups” and is “an easy goin [sic] type of bloke, anything goes”.

Well… almost anything.

He has an apparent aversion to “mussiefilth”, whatever that is…  and it seems to get him pretty wound up.

Hmm.  That’s odd.  What else does he say about himself?

Craig says he’s kind, sensitive, gentle, cheerful and optimistic.

Let’s see now…

Craig has no children, but would like some.  He doesn’t seem to have an issue with stealing children from their parents, though, so keep your little ones close by if Craig’s around…

So if you’re 27-43, and fancy a 48 year old xenophobic freak for a new squeeze, check out Craig’s dating profile…

…or find him on myspace…

Just be aware he has some intolerance to certain foods…

Happy dating!

You can also see more of Craig here: 

Just in: Lies from the bogot’s favourite fish wrapper

The bogot loves Murdoch newspapers and derives much of its delusions knowledge from them (alongside its other education provider the shock jocks ) but it has a particular fondness for the Herald-Sun and its clone stablemates.

The lurid headlines are a particular attraction, full as they are of the bogot’s favourite buzz-words like “refugees”, “asylum seekers” (or the portmanteau “boat-people”), “Aborigines”, “immigrants” (often preceded by the word “illegal” almost always in the wrong context) and “Muslim” or “Islamic” (interchangeable despite having different meanings) juxtaposed cleverly with “rip-off” and “rort” and “terrorist” and accompanied by short and usually inaccurate pieces with a readability level of about nine years of age.

So today’s headliner was no surprise. We hope the retailer who owns that image is aware that in true Hun fashion, one of their promotional pics has been ripped off , so eager were the Seekers after Troof to get the story out to the bogot masses.

Herald Sun

In case you really want to read more

But sadly for the Hun the Refugee Council and a whole lot of NGOs who care for asylum seekers in the community were swift to denounce the beat-up and to present the facts. So we are happy to do likewise.

Read more

And this post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Facebook page.

Kon's post

We look forward to Media Watch taking the Hun slowly apart on Monday night.



Asylum Seekers – the Myths are getting Bigger

Ric Glass: “I hammer abos (sic) but secretly I really love them”

Ric Glass

“I hammer abos but secretly I really love them”

Oh really?

Ric then goes on to say that as he is getting on in years he likes Aboriginal players because it is easier to see them on the field with his failing eye-sight. I am sure the Central Queensland Indigenous AFL players will be chuffed to know that.

You know if someone has actually lived among Aboriginal people they usually develop an understanding of their way of life and of the impacts white settlement has had on their history and culture.

And since Ric is an admirer of the late Fred Hollows perhaps he should head over to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Its preamble says:

“Indigenous Australians have fewer opportunities to maintain and improve their health and life situation than non-Indigenous Australians. They do not have the same access to employment, housing, medical services and education, nor are they equally engaged in our social and political systems.”

Fred Hollows himself said:

“Until Aborigines share the same basic conditions of hygiene, sound diet, insect proof housing, sanitation and clean water… Aborigines in rural parts of the country will continue to be afflicted with avoidable diseases such as trachoma”

Fred got it – Ric still hasn’t.

Imagine A World Without Fuckhead Racists…

Oooh I like what you’ve done here, Simon. You’ve combined your insensitivity for the Jewish people killed in the holocaust with your hatred of Aboriginal people and a John Lennon song that completely contradicts your mindless, hateful way of thinking.

One day, possibly several decades away in the future, you will be dead. And the world will be a better place.

Former ADF Mechanic Finds Joy in Discriminating and Threatening on the Internet

Here’s former ADF mechanic/earthmover, Shannon Austin. He spends a great deal of his life ignoring his children and posting hate-filled rants about Muslims and Aboriginals on the Internet. He has an extensive history of stalking, creating fake profiles, threatening and abusing both men and women who stand up to him.

And yes, the ADF part is accurate.

(Here’s an email he sent to us in response to this post. Make of it what you will.)