Breaking News – When a little guy took on the Libs

One day recently a guy decided to make a website.

We liked this guy’s work so much we linked to it on Facebook and also published individual pics from it on our Facebook page.


“Macro-economics is not a household budget” – an example of the little guy’s work

However the Liberal supporter swarm did not like it very much, probably because it highlighted their dodgy propaganda.

People with extreme notions of self-entitlement and a born-to-rule mentality tend not to like when little guys take them on.

We know he wasn’t threatened just because he wrote a few swear words.

He was threatened because he actually dared to compare Labor and Coalition policies in a number of critical areas – and guess whose policies came out better?


We have contact details and a name for the little guy but we will not publish them.

So let’s see what his attackers have done.

1. Alleged Liberal Party lawyers demanding his personal details from his ISP – this is illegal by the way without a subpoena

2. Sharing his personal information online

3. Threatening him regarding his career

Sound familiar? We know only too well what these creatures are capable of once their mendacity is exposed

You can check out their high “calibre” here

Peter Tolmie and the Zombie Stalkers

We get a lot of unwanted cyber-stalkers here, on the Facebook page and on Twitter. Some of their efforts are somewhat idiotically amusing. We agree with the PM that the education system needs fixing if it has produced mentalists like this one.


We’ve been collecting a few from the Support Tony Abbott page since we exposed them. Rather than being just amusing and serving to highlight the deep idiocy of bogots, some are quite disturbed and obsessive.

For instance after we were visited by Slim, a radio ham from West Chatswood in Sydney started annoying us on Twitter.


For any radio hams out there here’s Tolmie’s call sign so you can block him.


Tolmie  proceeded to spam our Facebook page with this:


Happy to have a  chat? Oh we just bet you are.

Here’s Radiohead himself.


And a defamatory graphic straight from Peter’s profile.


Now it seems that TAB is not the only place to attract the unwanted ministrations of this bored little North Shore man.

Someone had the temerity to dare to take him to task for his posts.

No one told her that in Tolmie’s bizarre alternate universe no one is allowed to disagree with him.


So he then proceeded to create some rather odd software implying that he knew where this person lived and where her business was.

We’ve all heard that sort of rubbish before.

Yeah yeah yeah we know (yawn)

We know where he lives but he is way too boring to visit.

Best thing to do is to alert your local police so they can respond if any weirdos decide to turn up at your place.

They will we assure you remove the offensive entity.

In fact our Twitter person mentioned this stalking and harassment after being assailed with rubbish from this creature and its pals.


And in a chat with one of his cronies, Radiohead revealed he was going to try and single-handedly bring down the PM, conveniently forgetting his defamatory profile pic.


We gather that the PM’s office has filed the stalker’s rant in the round filing cabinet or the icon marked Recycle. She must get a heap of rubbish mail from deluded stalkers like Peter Tolmie.


The “Ivan” mentioned here is elderly Queensland motorbike collector Ivan Tipp. Ivan has a couple of Facebook profiles and is well-known as a mouthy troll.

And we have been reliably informed that Peter and his pals were behind this disruptive demo in the Public Gallery in the House of Representatives during Question Time.

From ABC’s The World Today

ANNA BURKE, SPEAKER: The Prime Minister has the call.

(Member of the public yells indiscernible words from the public gallery)

GOVERNMENT MP: This is the culture you’ve created.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: The first Question Time for the sitting fortnight was interrupted by a number of protesters in the public gallery.


MP: Get out!

(General unrest)

“Juliar”, one yelled, before being led away.

The Speaker, Anna Burke:

ANNA BURKE: This is Question Time. It is not a football match! The Prime Minister has the call.

Read more

Dazza Stenborg: “Anti Bogan is full of geek’s that work at maccers”

Why Hate Gillard? She’s a Fugly Woman, That’s Why! Um, Right?

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Ivan Tipp: Grumpy Old Man

Love Letters from Ralph Cerminara

After we published our exposé on the Support Tony Abbott site we received a barrage of hate mail and trolling from the site’s supporters and creators. As was to be expected. After all bogots don’t like seeing their inadequacies uncovered and scrutinised.

We thought we’d feature self-confessed troll and fan of hate free speech Ralph Cerminara’s little contribution since it was not as redolent with obscenities as some of the others.


And he does love that free hate speech!  So does his fake mate Mongoose, who also seems to hate Muslims as well as hating Julia Gillard. Way to go Ralphie!


Bet Tony Abbott is really impressed with the quality of his supporters and the sort of country they want.

Say hi to Ralph people!

And look at this. Ralph is apparently a so-called “fathers’ rights” advocate

Of course if you have any sneaking sympathy for some of these supposedly aggrieved Family Court litigants keep this in mind.

Why Hate Gillard? She’s a Fugly Woman, That’s Why! Um, Right?

Taken from the ‘Support Tony Abbott’ page on Facebook, here’s a quick look at the more common criticisms of our female Prime Minister. To be fair, we’ve taken comments from both females and males on the page. Julia Gillard (and feminists in general) cop insults such as fat, ugly, left at the alter (sic), misandrists, feminists (is that an insult?), lesbians (is THAT an insult?), bullies, hypocrites, thugs, obese, grumpy, stupid, McTurds, barge-arse, retard, red-headed cum bucket, face planking cow, evil, big butt, cunt, skank, gutter trash, piece of shit, bush pig, thunder thighs, lard arse, amoral slut. (The red highlighted words are female/appearance related).

Enjoy the read, and share it around if you so desire. If not to expose the hatred and unabashed sexism that exists within these people, but perhaps to highlight the irony that such internally and externally ugly people could be so hypocritical.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 8.52.57 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 8.53.07 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 8.55.55 PM

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