The ADL: fail at Bendigo, fail at bullshit

The ADL staggers from failure to failure, shooting itself in the foot as it goes.

First, a footnote from the failed anti-mosque demo in Bendigo from our friends at Aussies Against the Australian Defence League V.


Seems that the “Concerned Citizen” may or may not be one of the half dozen or so who turned up and made some noises but it isn’t very good for a company and its image to be associated with street rabble like the ADL


Second, the continuing soap opera and train wreck that is Nathan Abela posted this on his (now vanished) ADL League page.


We are certain no such attack took place, and if there was an attack it was a deliberate own goal.

But wait! It gets better.

You remember Ralph Cerminara don’t you?

He was Nathan’s fellow traveller for a while until they had a falling out about whose brain processes were the most warped.

Looks like this bromance is over folks…


Nathan and friends would be well advised to read this below.




Meet Aaron Robertson of Ballarat who does not want the Muslims of Bendigo to have a mosque. So keen is he to rally troops to the cause he even formed his very own “Defence Leage (sic)” back in September with its very own manifesto.

And one lone member – Aaron himself.



Aaron went a bit shy on us and closed his profile for a while but it is re-opened so you can go and see for yourself what a  bigoted loser forceful crusader he is.

Now there is already an anti-mosque group which according to its own page statistics seems to mainly consist of 25 to 34 year old Muslim-haters from Melbourne.

In other words the usual suspects.

Seems that neither Ballarat nor Bendigo are too impressed with the idea of rallying behind the Islamophobe rabble. Maybe those defence leaguers need to lift their knuckles off the ground and learn how to spell.

Let’s see what the local Councillors say as quoted in the Bendigo Advertiser:

Cr Peter Cox noted the development needed to work through any issues with planning regulations, amenity and traffic management.

“But I don’t have a problem with any religious group applying for a planning permit to erect such a centre for themselves,” he said.

“It demonstrates diversity within our community and I think that’s a very encouraging aspect of Bendigo.”


Cr James Williams said a mosque would be positive for Bendigo and said it was “great to see it happen”.

“I think it’s great we celebrate other cultures,” he said.


Bendigo mayor Barry Lyons said councillors would consider the application on planning grounds.

“They must be reminded that to put some kind of objection in, it must have some basis, some grounds for it,” he said.

“You can’t object to something because you don’t like something.

“That’s not grounds for an objection.

Now maybe you are curious about these ferocious Muslims who want to have a mosque in their home town.

The ABC Open page can tell you more

What a contrast.