5 thoughts on “How does Australia compare on refugee intake?

  1. We are to kind and generous. Our kindness is now looked at as stupidty now. Get to twork and help with some tax dollrs. Poor us I say!!! I am 57 and worked since 15. Still struggling, and now my children cannot find ork, and get no assistance from my government.

    Get t work and do some real help, to many whingers and sooks these days.   Regards, Steve Barnier. Medicine Garden Australia Pty Ltd

      • In all reason, countries like Germany are no comparison to Australia because they have many times the population. No information on the oil rich Arab countries who are Muslim countries, and are basically taking no refugees. All these economic migrants are just window shopping for the European country with the best education and welfare system. it’s a joke.

        • Yes, the old “economic migrant” myth. If you think they’ve got it so much better, why don’t you renounce your citizenship and flee to Europe

  2. Most asylum seekers come from countries/cultures that have NO safety nets. They might have no education, because their parents needed them to work, or because they’re female, or because schools were banned.

    Every single asylum seeker/refugee that I’ve met was just *itching* to get out there and support themselves – and most have done so.

    We know a guy who was a specialist police officer, who has now spent 18 months working 12-hour shifts in an abattoir.

    There is no issue with the work ethic of those arriving here, just the limits placed on them by dint of language and culture.

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