Well done all!

The real story of the Reclaim rallies from ReclaimWhat.net


Today was very interesting, very interesting indeed.

A few of our admins were stationed around Australia and sent through images and user images throughout the day.

The day begun with Shermon posting up some war-mongering propaganda much to the anger of his followers.

Rallies and counter-rallies seemingly begun from 10AM onwards.

Were unsure why some Sydney rally-goers wore Roman costumes…

Toowoomba had their picnic.

the largest turnout of anti-racism protestors was definitely Melbourne, which easily outnumbered all of the Reclaim Australia rally-goers:

(We had a lot of photos sent in, so sorry if we aren’t able to show them on this post)

Also in an odd turn of events, Reclaim Australia’s Twitter account was ‘hacked’:

The admin team of Reclaim Australia claimed it was a ‘rogue admin’, regardless, it was hilarious and only denigrates their cause further.

There was…

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