Halal Choices – But Not For Muslims

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Every now and then something silly happens in Australia and I wonder whether it’s better to talk about it or lay on the ground and wait for the stupid to subside. Sometimes, I’ll make jokes to highlight how ridiculous something is, other times I write about it.  This is going to be one of those times – no, no. I promise I won’t lay on the ground. Let’s talk about it. Let’s get all the key players out first. (P.S I once made a sarcastic video about how eating halal meat makes you Muslim. You can watch it here. It involves halal animals breeding with non halal ones.)

Kirralie Smith believes in freedom - for her beliefs only, obvs. Kirralie Smith believes in freedom – for her beliefs only, obvs.

Halal Choices

Halal Choices is the baby of Kirralie Smith who claims to ‘love the freedom we have’ in Australia. She has created a website that aims to list all the…

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12 thoughts on “Halal Choices – But Not For Muslims

  1. So if Pastafarians requested that all food must include carbohydrates and receive the Bolognese blessing by a Pastafarian dressed as a pirate, and that consumers pay for the cost of providing this, would people support that?
    Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, yet people support that very same example through Halal Certification.

    • I like to have nutritional and ingredient information on food I buy. Muslims, Jews, vegetarians, vegans, people with food allergies or intolerances, people on certain medications and Seventh Day Adventists are also entitled to know what they are buying.

      Of course if you don’t want to consume halal you can stop breathing right now. It does not concern us in the least.

    • If there was a significant market for pastafarians, and costs were so low that the companies could absorb the costs without changing their prices, I don’t see what the problem would be.

      After all, I don’t care about whether a product is gluten free or not, as I don’t measure the amount of gluten in my product. However, some people do, and because of this there are gluten free certification organisations, who have fees that should be paid for. I don’t demand that “Only people who don’t like gluten should have to pay these fees” because really, how the fuck would that work? I accept that the company wants to appeal to a market, and support them in doing that.

  2. Worrying about halal labeling is poorly founded and unnecessary. What concerns me more is the labeling of people. And, it works both ways. We are in danger of a new form of prejudice, based on a sort of social ‘caste’ rather than race or belief. The ‘bogan caste’ are portrayed as ignorant and not worthy by those who think themselves righteously intelligent. Vilifying people who disagree with your views as ‘bogan’ in order to dismiss their views is bigoted. By all means engage in rational debate about the issue, but recognise that being anti-halal labeling and being bogan are two quite different things. I know people who would self-identify as bogans who have warm and trusting friendships with people who identify themselves as islamic. I also know people near the top of ‘polite’ society who personally know neither and are deeply bigoted against both.

    • We aren’t really interested in debating racists and bigots. It never ends well.

      As soon as they discover we have facts and they do not they turn nasty. And then the harassment of women starts, the creation of fake Facebook profiles, the stalking, the sexist and homophobic insults, the death threats…

      All lovely law enforcement stuff, and we are very good at collecting evidence and writing it up.

      Stay tuned.

  3. This anti-jhalal hatred shit .. it just ain’t Kosher as the old Aussie saying goes!

    Really? I have no problem eating Halal or Kosher or vegetarian. It does me no harm and is actually healthier.

    Are these bigots really stupid? (Rhetorical question – course they are. Willfully so and despite the evidence out there they could find that so easily proves them wrong. Also they a minority of dropkicks that I think and hope most Aussies look on with the same contempt I do.)

    • Lost a ‘d’ at the end of my ‘did’ there too. Also ‘halal’ somehow gained a silent ‘j’ because I just cannot type right now or ever! Plus other errors and no doubt some typographicals here too. Oh well .. Hope y’all get the gist anyhow. Good article here, thanks. Spot on.

      Oh & would I get a halal turkey? Why yes I definitely would and reckon it is far better than the alternative – see :

      ‘Pamela Geller Halal Turkey” comedy gold.

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