Another Aussie company bullied by bigots

It seems like the new sport of choice for the couch potatoes at #TeamStraya is the bullying and intimidation of small Australian businesses who wish to cater for Muslim customers.

After all there aren’t too many suburban trains or trams in the yobbo rural heartland where they can threaten, bully and satisfy their yearnings to parade their hate.

Maybe this will become a new sports rivalry for teams of sweaty bigots like City V Country NRL or some sort of State of Origin. (*apologies to the NRL)

As reported by the ABC:


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$50 000 for a small business is a serious setback and will probably result in local  job losses and a cutback to working hours. It will also impact on local dairy farmers.

But of course the loathsome traitorous rabble will not see this in their senseless idiocy and hate.

Here’s the first one off the bench on the Fleurieu Milk Company Compass Cup community page


Pete manages to have a go at yet another Aussie Company.So we expect he will offer a job to anyone displaced by his bigotry. Not!

And we hope Spring Gully’s lawyers are paying attention.

Here’s some more phobes crawling out of the woodwork


Danny Bell is a proud member of hate group Patriots Defence League – you know the far right extremist group  which enjoys threatening and intimidating Muslims?

He is also a member of some Seventh Day Adventist groups. You know, the church that owns the lucrative Aussie Sanitarium food company which caters for the vegetarian dietary requirements of its church members – just like halal and kosher ?

Maybe Danny will want to run a crusade against Weet-Bix.


Favourite breakfast or terrorism threat?

Oh look, just about the whole Sanitarium range is halal.

Never mind,Danny, one of your fellow Muslim haters featured below lives in Newcastle and can march to nearby Cooranbong and stare down the San factory.TABFleurieu5

Karen wants to let us know that she alone can define what “the Aussie way” is – obviously in her universe it is the one that says it is OK to bully a small business providing jobs and an income to people in economically depressed regional South Australia.

Way to go #TeamStupid!

Yep and General Evi Davis is all locked and loaded up with Wild Turkey ready to take on the evil Muslamic halals. She even belongs to a page that tells us it is against the halal religion.

And if that is not enough,  adding to the (vomit) bucket list, spreading his shit on the page is Islamophobe Mike.


“Restore Australia” to what?  This?

Stay classy #TeamStupid!

4 thoughts on “Another Aussie company bullied by bigots

  1. The irony of it all. Many ‘anti halalists’ have been decrying the alleged ‘extortion’ by voluntary halal certification. Yet they are apparently unconcerned that (according to the company itself), this small South Australian dairy was bullied by the likes of them, and the dairy’s good business name was bombarded with slander online. The attack reached the point of them fearing the effect it might have on local consumers, and feeling they needed to relinquish a lucrative contract with Emirates, an airline which currently flies in and out of Adelaide. Take that halal certification extorters. Let that be a lesson in ethics for you.

    Never mind the export revenue lost by the dairy, and the loss of working hours for its employees. Never mind the loss of future opportunities that this foothold into a wealthy part of the export market could have facilitated for them. Never mind the loss of international exposure for South Australian produce generally. Never mind the loss of benefits to the South Australian economy of employing those involved in the certification process. Never mind that supporting this leading global airline flying to and from Adelaide benefits the South Australian economy through tourism, international students, a range of promotional opportunities and employment for support staff and services. No, all will be fine because a handful of extra anti halalists in South Australia (the only place the company currently stocks its products), have pledged to now support them…they hope. Oh dear.

  2. I am still waiting for all those job offers from bigots to come in for the workers on the Fleurieu Peninsula who will lose their jobs as a result of bigot bullying.

    Can’t hear them? Of course we can’t. 😦

    Another kick in the teeth for South Australia from the bigots. Don Dunstan would be spinning in his grave.

  3. The Fleurieu Milk Company deleted a comment I made on their wall disagreeing respectfully with their decision. I don’t feel sorry for them caving in – they made a choice. As if the majority of their customers would be this intolerant? I think they might be.

  4. Again, here is the opportunity. Changing to drool halal certification has resulted in losing $50k- let us see how much money the anti halal team will be providing. So far I’ve seen “I’ll recommend you to my friends” no doubt while buying the Coles yoghurt themselves because of cost.

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