Wagging the dog-whistle

A bunch of half-baked juvenile delinquents decide to head off to the Middle East because they fancy a bit of real life smiting, rape, pillaging and beheading mixed with brain-numbing fundamentalism.

Just like these guys


Makes for a convenient government beatup complete with fear-mongering and the opportunity to let the home-grown haters out of the cage.

Every picture tells a story

From Twitter

From Peter Lewis


How high is “teh_terror”? Depends on the daily state of Crusader Abbott’s hubris.

From Junkee

And do we again need a fridge magnet to hide behind as we wriggle under the bed or behind the sofa with the magnet clutched to our quivering chests?




From theducks.org




 From Jon Kudelka


 And with Chrissie coming you can ramp up the groundless fear with your very own genuine autographed Tony Terror Sword ™ made in China of 100%  nuclear grade plastic.

And back in 1998 they even made a movie about it

 Tired of pictures? Have a read

The Burqa, Colonial Feminism and the Politics of Dog Whistling

2 thoughts on “Wagging the dog-whistle

  1. Thought you’d like to hear some good news:

    The headline is disturbing, though not surprising, but once you scroll through the report there is some really good news throughout:

    “2014 American and European surveys which have found disapproval of government handling of immigration in the range 60-75 per cent,” the report stated.

    By comparison, the Monash study found 58 per cent of respondents believed the immigration rate in Australia was “about right or too low”.

    “”It was a very surprising result because the proportion of those concerned about immigration has gone down,” Professor Markus said.”

    “the majority of Australians – 85 per cent – believed immigration had been good for Australia.”

    So the next time someone from PDL, ADL, or whatever hamfisted scrabble grab they come up with next week say “Australians are against multiculturalism” then we can remind them this is crap.

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