Epistle of hate

#auspol        #edhusicMP    

Received by the Muslim Women’s Association


We managed to decipher the vitriolic scrawl. We are guessing a half-educated older female who has probably never seen, met or spoken to a Muslim in her sad hate-filled little life.

Dear Sir/Madam

Do you now wonder why Australians hate Muslims and there for (sic) the whole of Islam.

Actually not true. 34% seem inclined that way, which tells us that 34% of those surveyed exist on a diet of Murdoch rags and enjoy their own ignorance.

And the cericature (sic) was right with the pistol drawn person covered with the Burka; how would we know what you carry under this hidious (sic) outfit.

Well it may interest you to know that the person whose image was misused is actually a female police officer who was assassinated by the Taliban. Interesting that the ratbags want to insult her memory and that of other Afghan female police officers killed in the line of duty. Says a lot about these hate groups and their low-rent supporters.

When do you people learn that if you want to be accepted you have to live like Australians at least on the outside. What ever you’d like to do behind closed doors is your business.

Guess what lady, these Muslims you hate so much are just as Australian as you are. Probably more so – they are not writing diatribes of hate to people. They are getting on with their lives, working, studying, running businesses and raising their kids.

That’s what normal Australians do.

And until you do that we will always despise you and your outfits actions and behaviour.

Who is “we”? Certainly not us or any other normal person.

And another good deed was done when the police shot this animal displaying the black flag.

The coroner is deliberating this case at the moment but maybe the incident may not have been what you seem to think it was.

Police in all jurisdictions are trained to use lethal force only as a last resort. So they won’t be shooting suspects just to make you racists and bigots happy.

Sometimes we wonder why Australia let this ANIMALS into our country. They can not be humans when they behead someone for fun.

Care to tell us (and the police) who has been beheaded by any terrorist suspect in Australia?

As far as we are concerned every one does behave in this manner should be send where they came from. We only feel sorry for the small minority who behave, dress and live like Australians.

Australian citizens have the right to live in this country and dress as they please.

And did you ask permission of the First Nations before your family plonked themselves on this continent?

By the way do you see any other countries display their national outfit or costume here in Australia? Do you see Austrians wear their Lederhosen or Russians wear their Cossak (sic) hat and gear?

Women from the subcontinent often wear saris or the salwar kameez as everyday dress. Sikh men often wear turbans. Observant Jewish men may wear kippot and even tefilin. Etc. etc.

Austrians do wear Lederhosen for folkloric festivals and the like.

And your ignorance is showing like a big red light bulb. Not all Russians are Cossacks. Not all Cossacks are Russian.

And as Harlan Ellison so aptly said:

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”


And this is YOU



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Politicians and media let us down in fight to curb rising Islamophobia

6 thoughts on “Epistle of hate

  1. I have been so shocked at the attitudes displayed by some Australians. Honestly, I thought that we all got along before this huge campaign of hate by the media and politicians. i am so so sorry to everyone being hurt and upset by the rascist element of our society

  2. When idiots like this go after similar islamic idiots I don’t mind too much, to be honest. Two idiots butting heads hopefully we make each other look embarassing.

    But this is utter bs. The bigot who wrote this letter would know nothing about the Muslim Woman’s Association apart from it has the word “Muslim” on it, and they like targetting women.

    Because if they knew anything about the Muslim Women’s Association, they’d be donating to them. Because there are problems in the Muslim community, just as there are problems in all communities. Abusive men do use their beliefs to justify their abuse, there is sexism used to put women down, there are proponents of extremism…..

    And the Australian Muslim Women’s Association does more to fight these issues than all the nationalist groups combine. They’re the ones helping women escape abusive relationships, using the Quran quotes to show women are not responsible for their abuse and should not accept them, and supporting them to live independantly. They also aim to improve Muslim women’s control over their own health and bodies, organising health professionals to speak to women in their own language for free or low cost to service providers.

    What exactly has this idiot done for women of Australia?

  3. I wore lederhosen to school in the 70s. I’m not claiming it ended well for me, but I wore them. It was not illegal ( although I wish it had been )

  4. So if Muslims are a peaceful, considerate, and religion WHY are thee peaceful Muslims not up in arms and marching the streets to condemn ISIS and all the other Jihadist organizations who are murdering Christians, TELL ME PLEASE.

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