Jim Saleam’s race hate relics fail yet again

It must be hard to chalk up around 40 years of political failure but Dr Jim Saleam’s Australia First (not to be confused with an ADL splinter sect of the same name which seems to consist of one member with a florid set of brain cells) has under a variety of names managed to crown its long litany of flops  with their latest contribution to race hate in Sydney.


The Aboriginal Tent Embassy recently posted this status on Facebook


It didn’t take long to track down the source of this latest bout of racism. We won’t link to Jimmy’s toxic site, we don’t want to encourage them, but a few samples should be enough.

And we have to laugh at any notion that Austraya Fail Party actually has suddenly changed its odorous white supremacist socks to support Indigenous people. In nutzi ranks, all non-white people are inferior.


The pictures


This picture has actually been stolen from the NCIE (National centre for Indigenous Excellence) site. The people shown in the picture would have had no idea that they were going to be used to promote race hatred.


Here is the other image


Taken from this site but without the attribution and acknowledgment from the original site. And it was photographed ten years ago.

 And this laugh-worthy ponderous statement from the Führer of Fail himself.

Australia First Party would work with or support as we can any Aboriginal group that defended its own people against this type of injustice.

Amazing how the far right always get it so wrong

And the so-called “Asian” property grab is a myth

So if you want to find the real foreign property grabbers, just head across the Pacific to the rich guys, hedge funds and other players from the US.

6 thoughts on “Jim Saleam’s race hate relics fail yet again

  1. yep, feel free to call me a racist, or wtf else ya want (?) but it’s life ! So, make ya own worthy of it in your own way.. Bye,bye

  2. This is so so so sad. Funny, but grossly sad. How could someone steal pictures like that and use them in THAT way? When will this stupidity end?

    Derbyiters, what did you mean please?
    (Derby has a reputation for alcohol and drug related violence, so I can understand some racist comments up there, but not ALL aboriginal people are like that and not all people drink or do drugs there/or nearby!!!)

    Anyway, Mindmadeup you would have LOVED to be in Perth yesterday!!! Look up the news about the Greens protest/peace walk. It was met by a group of sad bogan racists and an aboriginal man.
    The latter yelled to the rooftops about respect and wanting peace. “ENOUGH!!!!!!” He yelled. Sadly, he was shouted out by the roughnecks. The media didn’t pay him any attention alas, but paid most of their attention to the bogans. 😦

    Thanks and peace to you.

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