Responding To Tim Blairs Article On Sydney’s “Muslim Land”


The Daily Telegraph this morning published an article by so called “journalist” Tim Blair- titled “Last drinks in Lakemba, Taking A Look Inside Sydneys Muslim Land”. Lakemba is a Suburb in South West Sydney approximately 20 kilometres from the city. I live in the Lakemba area and I have lived here for a huge chunk of my life and this article had many blatantly paranoid views from a journalist that must have experienced a “culture shock”, despite knowing nothing about the culture- or the suburb itself.

Let me be the first to admit, sure enough Lakemba might not have the lush greenery of Sydneys Northern Suburbs or the glistening beaches of Sydneys South. Indeed it might not have that “cosmo” feel of the Inner West Suburbs nor the “wide open spaces” of the far West, yet this “Muslim Land” as he calls it has a lot more to offer than…

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6 thoughts on “Responding To Tim Blairs Article On Sydney’s “Muslim Land”

  1. I am having trouble understanding your cause, you are pro gay which is great I am myself. But then you are pro religion and stand up for Islam and Christianity when they expressly preach that it is wrong or immoral to be gay. Had it not beed for organised religion homosexuality would just be a normal part of humanity, you rail against homophobia then protect the rights of those to harbour homophobic beliefs.

    • We don’t stand up for any religion or any particular dogma (most of us are atheists or agnostics) but we do stand up for individuals who are discriminated against or vilified because of their religious beliefs. We have stood up for Christians who have held sit-ins at government members’ offices, we have stood up for Muslims who continue to be subjected to vile defamation and harassment from Fascist low-lifes, we have stood up for the Jews for the same reason, we have stood up for Sikhs who have been labelled “terrorists” because they wear turbans and beards…

      We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    • I won’t deny the homophobia common in organised religion, but let’s not pretend the world would be homophobia free if organised religion did not occur. Even ignoring the fact organised religion often adapts rules from the society it develops in (ie, rules existing prior to a religion forming, with the religion incorporating those rules to encourage conversion), there is certainly no shortage of atheist,irreligious or anti-religious individuals who are utterly hateful to homosexuals as well.

      In particular, many of the most frequently profiled individuals here have maintained hateful views of ethinic and religious groups as well as LGBTI groups, while either being entirely anti-religion, or maintaining a superficial religious belief which by their own words are not met at in any current religious institution.

  2. I really fail to understand Bogan white Australians hate for Muslims. The snide looks I see them give anyone of olive skin tone, or hearing a headscarf or turban (ie; meaning they probably aren’t even Muslim!)

    What are they so afraid of, eeally? Are they that shallow in their own beliefs and morals, and Bogan traditions – and that of others – that you feel THREATENED about anothers way of life… Pretty sad way to live I think.

    I always ask the bigots “HOW has anyone of Islamic culture of Muslim Religion affected you personally? Give me ONE way it has impacted your daily life..”

    Surprise, Surprise They can NEVER ever ever tell you…

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