Right-wing ratbags rant rubbish during Ramadan

Major retailer Woolworths decided to support its many Muslim customers by running a ‘Happy Ramadan” campaign.

Of course millions thousands hundreds scores a handful of fearful ignorant Islamophobes patriotic Strayans protested via social media.

Woolworths like the rest of us would have ignored their yapping rants.

So it was with much amusement that we read the scribblings from keyboard Crusader and PFFer (Party for Freedom dimwit) Trevor Parnell


Wonder why a police Inspector would be bothered talking to a nonentity like Trev unless Trev was helping him with his enquiries so to speak?

Well Trevor has featured here before and as you can see. he hates Asians AND Muslims. Bad luck if you are both (or either), you won’t get an invite to Trev’s dingy digs for Eid il-Fitr or any other non-Strayan celebration for that matter.

He might cull you or something.

Or maybe he’ll send you a message like this one


Japanese football fans cheer with relief that they won’t be going to Trevor’s

Trev wasn’t the only one getting excited.


That’d be a picture of some slapper in a dirty black sheet – probably one of PFFer Niqi Folkes’ new playmates getting ready to contaminate Woolworths at Marrickville yet again. Or maybe it’s Trev frocking up before some solo explorations.

Now for the REAL reason Woolworth’s Ramadan promotion is finishing and they are removing advertising and merchandising, as they do for other celebrations

Because the new crescent moon appears in Sydney on Friday 25th hence Ramadan finishes on or around Saturday 26th July 2014

Nothing to do with Niqi’s pathetic demonstration or any far right fail group writing comments. Or raddled hags in dirty bedsheets.

We know cos we check these things.

15 thoughts on “Right-wing ratbags rant rubbish during Ramadan

  1. So? They are allowed to protest their belief, besides Islam has no place in australia. It has never been apart of Australian culture nor does it have the enough followers in Australia don’t try and shame someone for having a different opinion to you, or you are no better. Maybe these “patriots” don’t want that religious filth in their communities? why should australia accept islam? and if they speak out and voice their opinion you dehumanise the person on this site, just like trevor did.
    I’m not defending what trevor was saying but at least they are protesting their view in a non violent way.
    I would prefer australia to stay the lucky country, rather than steep to the UK or sweden who are having serious social problems with muslims taking over their communities literally.

    • They can protest whatever but we can also laugh at them because they are a joke.

      Please define and outline “Australian culture” because I can bet London to a brick that your version looks nothing like reality.

      Britain is having “serious social problems” because the UK Government has cut services in its race to privatise everything. Nothing to do with Muslims. Some of those “social problems” have existed for generations and all have economic origins.

      What major “social problems” does Sweden have?

  2. Hey “George Clooney” you claim Islam has never had anything to do with Australia’s history. Well for some patriot you seem to have limited knowledge of Strayas ore colonial history. Have you heard of the Makassans? They are the Indonesians that basically peacefully traded with Aborigines in the Northern Territory. Are you aware of the mighty Ghan rail line that runs across Australia top to bottom? It was built by Afghan Muslims . Just thought I’d give ya a good old fashioned Strayan history lesson. No thanks needed. ☺

  3. Well then, in coming times ahead be warned :-
    # That one day when ya wife/daughter/ or grand kids are been raped by these non- peaceful types,don’t come online bitching or complaint about it eh !
    # Or ya find it’s Unsafe to venture outside your house, due to drive by shootings & bashing a of Infidels are all thy rage by them. Again don’t whine to us about the police do SFA either !
    # And also, if ya still around to see the Normal AUSSIE way of life is NO MORE as to being free and open, and happily able to have a BBQ with a few beers in public is gone,don’t say, ” You weren’t warned ! ” As per like many other western country’s now suffering from to the rest of us & I….
    # even to a point of civil unrest within Australia, won’t change your views at all (?) We will be still fighting thy fight of wtf is going on now. As you sit and deny it will never happen as the dogooder fool/ stupid dumb turd ya are now. Ya will be running to kiss a lot of our arses to save yours. In times ahead.. Live with it bro, ya still gotta a lot to learn as of yet !

    • Why would we want to be anywhere near your foul arses?

      We have the ADF and the police here to defend the country or didn’t you know that? The average five year old with a water pistol has more competence and nous in defence than you pathetic whiny porn-sated unknowledgeable mentally impaired numpties.

      You’d run with fear from said five year old.

    • Ah yes the “Well, nothing is happening now, but it will happen! Just you wait! The sun will collide with the moon, dog and cat will lie down together, all will end in fire and torment”-which of course ignores the reality that the evidence of “All muslims are going to try to kill us, one day” is pretty much on par with the evidence for my claim “Intolerance and racism will eventually lead to Cthulu rising from his slumber and devouring all humankind”

      As has often been pointed out on this blog, Muslims have been a part of Australia since before Federation now. They have a community in Australia, religious buildings, etc….if they wanted to rise up and destroy all infidels….why aren’t they doing this, instead of spending time making friends and aquantances in the wider Australia community?

      Something else to think about derbyiter-is there any situation where your belief of “All muslims are going to try to kill me” would be challenged enoguh for you to go “I am wrong”-any situation where you would go “My theory was incorrect, and I need to change my mind”-or are you going to grow old, and die, with no battle with the Muslim armies of the world, nor any examples of Muslims rising up en masse, but even on your death bed you would be saying “Any day now, the Muslims are going to kill us all”

      That’s not a good way to live. That puts you in the same class as doomsday preppers, and like them you’re spending so much time preparing for something which, if you’re honest, you have no idea will ever happen at all, that you will miss out on enjoying life. How long will your family put up with you? They’re off enjoying thier lives, making friends, doing fun activities, and they want you to join them, but you’re too busy preparing an army for an event that will never happen. Think carefully now, this is a turning point for you. Do you want to be the sad old bigot, living in fear and anger from now until your death who won’t be missed, or do you want to be the happy and friendly person who is beloved by all and missed by all when he’s gone?

    • Wow – Derbyiter, you sure have an active fantasy life. If someone rapes my daughter, I won’t care much which religion it is they failed to live up to. It will be irrelevant to my thoughts. Drive by shootings ? Seriously ?

      No-one cares if you have a BBQ. Literally, no-one. I am pleased to be called a do gooder, given the obvious alternative. Why do you think it’s bad to do good things ?

  4. The rally was an absolute failure for Nick, totally outnumbered. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2706554/Protesters-clash-outside-Sydney-Woolworths-Ramadan-signs.html

    Woolworths comments say nothing about removing signs , in fact woolworths will celebrate Ramadan in its stores next year and the year after. Nick is too stupid to know he is an utter failure. No wonder his former admirer Darrin left him only to be replaced by equally incompetent Andy Shine.

    • That’s the brilliant thing about this protest. Prior to this protest, Woolworths had removed signs, probably due to the impending end of Ramadan, but Folkes was calling it a success. He could have ended the rally there, and claim a win, and really there wasn’t anything to contradict him, because Woolworths wasn’t going to get in touch (Why state an opinion on something that can’t benefit them).

      But by having a rally, not only did he show himself to be a complete failure, not only did he have to resort to lies to make even the slightest bit of success, requiring an increasingly paranoid interpretation of history (“They had weapons, but the police didn’t report this because the police are all liars!”), he made an event that required Woolworths to make a public statement, which as you pointed out was “We will continue to support Ramadan next year”

      Do you think Nick’s not happy for minor fails anymore, and is only satisfied with huge epic fails anymore? Or perhaps he’s thinking “I wonder how terrible I can be and still have supporters”?

    • I actually work for coles supermarkets, and for us, ramadan is an event we recognise for our Muslim customers. We specially pre order dates, yogurts and chicken which is very popular. For us it means additional business, and we are happy to support it.

      • And that is precisely where the bigots are confused. Coles is not trying to support Muslims over Christians. They are simply saying, there are Muslims here, let’s make them feel welcome and sell them things, so we make money. There’s no ideology involved, beyond refusing the ideology of racism.

  5. Talking about everyone’s favourite delusional “special warrior” – did my eyes deceive me, or has Nicky boy ended up in the immigration episode of the SBS series “Living with the enemy”

    I know Nicky was seeking out volunteers to work on the program, so presumably he asked all his best friends to help out, and ended up alone again. Funny he’s not mentioning it on his website. I imagine it’s because either he ends up looking stupid, or slightly changing his view of the person he lives with, either of which he’d prefer his delusional followers not to be aware of.

  6. I actually encountered one of the protesters on the ASRC Facebook page. Illiterate, ignorant and beyond stupid, as you’d expect, Bev was her name.

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