Battlefield Derp – the ADL’s war against women

As the ADL League (yet another mini-group in the fail franchise) raises its bullet heads above the parapet and peers myopically around…

Seeing as the ADL ‘s only contact with women is either via porn sites or the bit when their mothers ask them every ten years or so when they are going to leave home like normal men do, we are constantly surprised at the amount of attention  they give to discussing women, their clothing and their genitals.

Jealous fellas?

This wriggling collection of maggots like posting pictures of women they are scared of – which means by the end of the year there should be around 4 billion pics up

However as you can see from the screenshots below it is not the sort of interest that should be encouraged.

In fact people have been known to attract interest of a different sort from law enforcement and the courts when carrying on like this pack of yapping hyenas.

adlmisogyny1 adlmisogyny2

You will note that “Billy Ray” is a fake profile who harbours a secret desire to be a woman.

As for Danny McGilton who appears to actually have spawned kids (or is raising the milkman’s) despite the alarming impairments he displays, his lousy spelling is only exceeded by his porn-mediated brain farts.

ADL? Fail fail fail

10 thoughts on “Battlefield Derp – the ADL’s war against women

  1. LOL “ADL League” ? as in Australian Defence League League?” Some one has a speech impediment or just doesn’t comprehend the concept of tautology. Good one you losers ADLL bahahahahahaha

  2. They’re really throwing every big of mud at the wall with their insults, aren’t they?
    “oh, you’re married to a polygamist, and don’t work, and have been brainwashed, and are a lesbian too!”

  3. Why do these people think they know the ‘true meaning of being Islamic’ ? Does it even MATTER ? I don’t care what the authors of the Quran meant with what they wrote. All that matters, is the interpretation that informs the lives of those who want to follow it. If they get it wrong when they decide it means to live peaceful, family oriented lives, all that matters, is that that is how they are living, and they should be allowed to do so, peacefully.

    And yes, the flood of sexual fantasies is disturbing and really only speaks to the mind set of those posting such nonsense.

  4. Scott I was having a go at the ADLL at their stupidity not at the antibogan website or their informative article. I am a big supporter of the antibogan web site and it’s administrators. The antibogan admins do a great Job and should be supported in all that they do. They put themselves out there against these nutjob dickheads like Parnell, and Merritt etc and for their efforts they themselves have become targets of large amounts of abuse and online defamation. These cocks at the ADLL and their ilk are cowards who hide behind their little gangs, boys and dare I say little girls who never really grew up and never passed Year 6.

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