Debbie Stavro – “homosexuals who are feral with their sexual activities”

You do of course remember Victoria Police groupie and podium bigot Debbie Stavro.

This week in Victoria the focus is on the International AIDS Conference which brings together scientists and activists from all over the world who are on the front line of fighting this devastating disease.

However oblivious to this and having cleansed Victoria of “efnic crime” Debbie has now cast her gaze towards “teh_geis” as she demonstrates in the following conversation with a couple of Facebook posters:




Then Debbie decides that one of the posters should be chewed over on the basis that he might or might not be an “efnic” not approved of by Debbie.


Well actually Debbie he’s a Pastafarian from Gallifrey who will zap you in an instant with his noodly appendage.

Be afraid!

Do us all a favour Debbie. Catch up with the 21st Century.

Like Victoria Police and its Commissioner have done. Ken Lay is down there at the front of the police contingent in the annual Pride March held in February each year

 Protecting LGBTI people from homophobic bigots like Debbie

8 thoughts on “Debbie Stavro – “homosexuals who are feral with their sexual activities”

  1. I had a look at her page, this blog could be all about her, honestly.
    I can’t believe she actually exists, every single post was some type of bogan bullshit.

  2. I have personally had ‘conversations’ with this lady on Facebook, where I found myself under fire first for being Muslim (which, while I am not, I was defending other people who so happened to be), then once she was proven wrong I was asked to state my nationality, family heritage, religion and employment status of myself and my husband. Apparently all of these things must match exactly to hers for any views to be valid. When she could find no ammunition in any of those details I was berated as a “Muzi lover”. There is not a single ounce of intelligence in that woman and frankly I’m surprised that natural selection has yet to weed out her particular brand of idiocy!

    • Hilarious 🙂 I am a Christian, I get ‘accused’ of being a Muslim all the time, because I am not opposed to freedom of religion.

    • What my guess is that she is repeating thoughts someone else has given her without having to think about them themselves. And currently, through online sources, if you want you can choose to never engage with anyone who thinks differently from you, which produces a sort of echo chamber effect. Groups of people saying the same things to each other which are not designed to be thought about, not designed to challenge another’s views, but designed to say “If you think like us, you’re good, and if you don’t you are worse”

      And all goes fine, as long as these words are kept inside the group. But having heard the same phrases over and over again, it’s hard for an individual to distinguish between “Things that further convince me my beliefs are correct” and “Things that would convince other people that my thoughts are correct”-and so they take these thoughts to try and convince others, invariably fail, and are presented with alternative points of view. They’re left with a choice-listen to the alternative point of view, and risk challenging your own, or remove the risk immediately by shutting the opposing view down through dismissal, accusation, or inciting aggression. It’s why we see the far right saying “I don’t talk to Muslims, because all they do is threaten violence and abuse people”-that’s not an accident-it was an action the extremist is specifically going for, so they have an excuse to not talk to Muslims.

      And so we have people like Debbie Stavro trying to find out if a person is not white, a muslim, unemployed, straight, or any other reason to be able to dismiss your view as being from “One of those people” When that fails, she makes up a connection, and accuses you of it.

      And before it seems like I’m only blaming right wing people-this is entirely true of any close minded person or group. I have had atheists accusing me of supporting paedophilia because I support religious leaders being able to speak in public. Socialists accusing me of supporting the capitalist system, and being against gay marriage because I have a job and am married. And a friend who stated he believed all religions should have a reformation and modernisation, was accused of being an Islamaphobic bigot.

      In one particular case there was this guy who I’m pretty sure was a Young Liberal member. anyway, he would pretty much repeat the same party line over and over, ignoring or rejecting any alternative viewpoints, and he had a particular hatred for Muslims. He was doing the exact same thing as Debbie Stavro here, albeit better worded. If you support asylum seekers, you were a holocaust denier who wanted to destroy Israel. If you recognised the local State Liberal party was having difficulties and were unlikely to survive another election, he accused you of supporting Union corruption. If you protested Israel’s actions in Gaza, you were either an anti-Semite or a self hating Jew, and he demanded you state your opposition to Hamas, criticism of all extremist Muslims in all countries and declare you agree the Holocaust happened, and would not be satisfied with answers to this.

      Getting tired of this I called him out on it. After asking him repeatedly if there were any circumstances where a person could disagree with him without being called an anti-Semite, I told him that he was repeating things that he heard from somewhere else, out sourcing his values without any thought, and was not thinking through his views at all. I’ve no doubt he still has some of these views, but I haven’t heard from him since.

      • Love the phrase ‘outsourcing his values’ 🙂 And yes, the internet for most people is an ignorance reinforcement engine. Whatever they believe, they google to find other people who believe it, and assume that proves they are right.

        • It’s a phrase I think perfectly fits the overly political minded, whose only thoughts are “what the party wants is best”, who would support their party even if its leader shagged a sheep live on Sunrise, those who have traded their independent thoughts and ethics in favour for a sense of superiority that a party provides. I see it so much with student politicians, of all persuasions. I mean, on Labor’s side I’ve lost count of the number of times I was called a sexist, Abbott supporter, etc., for simply saying that I can totally see how Labor lost the last election, and while I don’t like Tony Abbott, I don’t see the point of blaming people who lost faith in Labor.

  3. I’m not homosexual, but, I wish *I* was ‘feral with my sexual activities’. I think she’s jealous.

    I can’t imagine a world where a cure for AIDS would make me reconsider and ‘decide to be gay’. How utterly bizarre.

  4. Good old God, huh? He punishes the gays with HIV/AIDS… but with all his power and control, why has he not limited it to gay men, if that’s his deal?….. I guess he just decided he wants to punish people who have blood transfusion, or are needle swapping drug addicts, or heaven forbid simply born to a woman from a third world country who has the HIV virus and ends up with it too…

    I just hope this dumb broad doesn’t have any tattoos or has ever eaten pork or shellfish, if she’s so knowledgeable about ‘Gods Word’.

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