Where old farts Nazis go to lie

You would think Newtown in the inner city of Sydney is not a likely place to find Nazi propaganda or Nazis but recently a fan of ours found this rubbish in her letter box.

We are puzzled about the attraction of the inner city for Fascist fails. After all our inner cities are multicultural, tolerant, friendly, vibrant and interesting. Everything the Fascists are not.

afstudents1                                       afstudents2

Now it’s not often that *Dr Jim Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party, the remnants of the Nazi micro-party surge from previous years, holds a knees-up in his less than palatial poke on top of a shop in Tempe, but it looks like he wants some company.

With his comrades from previous years either dead, ga-ga or helping the police with their inquiries it seems he’s a bit lonesome these days. He even has hopes of a Yoof League – all those old nutzis love the youngsters, especially the ones with the edgy tatts and muscles…

And no one holds a party like Jimmy – all white food and, one presumes, no filthy foreign beverages.


whitepeoplefood* He trooly rooly has a Ph.D – he did it in prison.


8 thoughts on “Where old farts Nazis go to lie

  1. I really don’t understand why White Supremacists are so enamoured with the idea of Eureka and its flag. Two of the thirteen charged as a result of the Blockade were black (one from Jamaica, the other African-American), and only one of them was actually born in Australia.

    Plus, one of the catch-cries of the Stockade was from Raffaello Carboni: On 30 November 1854, he called on all miners “irrespective of nationality, religion or colour to salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of all the oppressed from all countries on Earth.”

  2. The Village Bigots have been active recently. The Burqa Besties were in Marrickville Woolies “protesting” Ramandan last week. Slimy Salem has a few knuckledraggers putting pasties up. Still co-opting the Eureka flag as well I see… How’d that work out for them last time? 😉

  3. Isn’t ‘ethnic cleansing’ the OPPOSITE of letting people from every country come here and be treated as equals ?

  4. My girlfriend was an overseas student who liked this country enough to want to live and work here. I can say she’s objectively a better person than the racist fuckheads who put that flyer together.

    also macbook spotted, fan of quality computing equipment located

  5. No surprises, fellow racist Nick folkes also hates Asian foreign students. Australia first party had a falling out with Darrin Hodges and then years later Darrin had a massive falling apart from former adorer Nick folkes. That’s why Darrin has appeared at no party for freedom event.

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