School for Scandal

You remember this story don’t you?

Christian college Principal Mark Bensley, apparently wearing a school blazer (what is THAT all about?) does not like women wearing hijab.

One hopes that universities seeking practicum placements for their teacher education students give his college a big MISS.





















However it seems Mark Bensley has some form on ignoring the real world. Check out this story from 2009.



Corporal punishment was abolished in normal Queensland schools, public and independent,  in 1995, almost 20 years ago. This brought Queensland in line with all other Australian states and with best practice in managing schools and student behaviour.

Meanwhile along came Danny Nalliah’s Rising Gorge Rise Up Straya hate party (Groom Branch) to add their two bob’s worth of bigotry



Well we’re not impressed with the Facebook poster’s attempts both at literacy and at his casting of a hate group as being one supporting women’s rights.

In fact the Christian Taliban in all its nasty manifestations has an abysmal record where women’s rights are concerned, going right back to that scriptural misogynist and homophobe Paul of Tarsus.



4 thoughts on “School for Scandal

  1. yeah he’s right muslims dont let non-muslims into their “mosques” or schools or oh wait… yeah they do… the last time i saw a news report on one of the muslim schools the principal openly admitted to not being muslim he also admitted happily that there are teachers in that same school that aren’t muslim either…n every mosque in the world is open to anyone who wishes to enter… u know just like certain churches are as well…

    wow… so the rise up gang have fucked up on their info yet again… why am i so surprised (insert sarcasm)…

  2. Catholic / Christian schools won’t accept kids that don’t adhere to the faith either. My niece is an atheist; apparently that’s not always acceptable. She’s in a school now that respects that she is atheist, she still has to attend religious classes and has had to promise not to “disrupt” or “promote” her beliefs with the other kids.

    aaah imaginary friends. People do crazy things for imaginary friends.

  3. Ummm The Hijab is not in line with Christian Values even though the Virgin Mary wears a Hijab in ALL Christian iconography. #logicfail

  4. There’s nothing un-Christian about allowing staff to wear hijabs. I went to a private Christian school that had several Indonesian Muslim teachers who wore the traditional headgear.

    Besides, when the Rise Up Australia Party agrees with you, you know you’ve fucked up.

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