Niqi’s party for genital obsession



Female genital mutilation is a dreadful practice borne of ignorance, superstition and sheer hatred of women and girls.

The practice is banned in Australia and these laws and the penalties they attract form part of each state’s Crimes Acts or Criminal Codes.

Section 45 and 45A of the NSW Crimes Act explicitly forbid female genital mutilation and provide tough penalties for all participants.

But that’s not good enough for Nicholas Hunter Folkes (known to us here as Niqab or Niqi after his favourite costume), Muslim hater and his nano – Facebook group political party.

In his own words

On Friday 20th June, a group of Party for Freedom activists and supporters held a protest outside Parramatta District Court calling on the Courts to uphold new increased penalties for anyone caught performing female genital mutilation in NSW.

Strangely enough there is no indication whatsoever that the courts are going to do anything but enforce the laws and penalties for genital mutilation.

FGM is increasingly becoming a problem in Australia due to large-scale Muslim immigration supported by Labor and Liberal

Utter rubbish. There is one substantive case before the NSW District Court at the moment. If Niqi knows of any more he is duty bound to inform the police.

… but the public knows that the judiciary has been corrupted and rarely sentences criminals with the full brunt of the law due to many Magistrates accepting ‘cultural understanding’ as a mitigating factor.

Aagain utter rubbish. And as usual with this lot, a statement without a shred of evidence to support it. So Niqi needs to go to ICAC or the Attorney-Generalwith his allegations.

Not going Niqi? Thought as much.

Party for Freedom believes it is time to make a spirited defence for the protection of women’s and girl’s rights, health and safety.

Well Niqi since we have not seen you or your crew so far make any spirited defence of the rights of women and girls we won’t hold our breath.

A couple of examples will give you a feel for Niqi’s views on women.

Just watch the adventures of Niqi and his bestie Sergio Redegalli as they dress as Muslim women. Sergio even admitted he had gone into women’s toilets dressed thus – very disturbing

And here’s Niqi’s views on Filipinas

And for another sort of feel – Niqi’s latest foray into feminism


5 thoughts on “Niqi’s party for genital obsession

  1. seriously…. i’d expect someone like him to try n lobby for all women to be circumcised coz he most definitely wouldnt care if women were sexually satisfied… lol

  2. Here’s where Niqi’s argument for saving women from FGM falls down completely flat. What does he essentially want?

    Not the absence of FGM-that’s not a core party issue. The big thing he has always wanted is that no further Muslims are allowed in Australia, and all that are in Australia are encouraged to leave. That has been the policy of the dead APP, and the Freedom party has never said anything contrary to this.

    Except….those two policies, the one on Muslim immigration, and FGM are contradictory. If he wanted to stop FGM, he would be calling for more Muslim women to come to Australia, where FGM is illegal and punishable with imprisonment, rather than demand they return to an Islamic country, where FGM may be far easier to access.

    And let’s not forget, the issue of FGM is rare among Muslim women in Australia, and it’s pretty much non-existent among non-Muslim women. Those who are performing FGM are not rushing out to force it on random women on the street-it is being done upon young Muslim women who are unaware or unable to access support to prevent this happen. Niqi’s response to help these women, once again, is to demand they leave Australia to go to a country where such supports to prevent FGM are weaker, if they exist at all.

    Again, just like his view on headscarves, hallal food, everything really, the crime for Niqi isn’t the FGM exists. He approves of FGM, he approves of it being done upon Muslim women. He just disapproves of Muslims existing in Australia, and anything a Muslim does in Australia, positive or negative, is therefore wrong.

  3. I think a big issue that I would love see being discussed is how we largely abhor certain cultural practices, and even outlaw them (as in this case), whilst with others, we argue for cultural preservation.
    Where is the line?
    Is there not some hypocrisy here?
    Interested on thoughts…

    • We abhor practices which harm and humiliate individuals. There is no hypocrisy.

      FGM is designed wholly to deny women sexual pleasure and is a relic of superstitious tribalism and primitive patriarchal culture.

      It is practised by a few groups in Northern Africa who may be Christian, Muslim or animist. However it is not an official teaching of any branch we know in either Christianity or Islam.

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