Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman’s Bigotry

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Councillor Elise Chapman claims that her opposition to a mosque in Bendigo isn’t on bigoted grounds, yet her comments on Twitter on 18th and 19th of June 2014 suggest that much of that opposition comes from a belief that Muslims are generally rapists and that the building of a mosque is a ‘concern’ because it may increase the likelihood of rape. Chapman’s comments also seem to suggest that Australians don’t rape women.

This is despite Australian statistics on rape stating that 87.7% of women who are raped know the perpetrator. Note: Muslims make up less than 3% of Australia’s population.

Rape is wrong. Suggesting that an entire culture of people are rapists is wrong. Suggesting that a person’s ethnicity dictates whether they will or will not rape is wrong.

Here’s some more about rape:

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Elise Chapman: standing up for what’s right.


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20 thoughts on “Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman’s Bigotry

  1. I literally saw someone commenting about letting in refugees because they will rape ‘our’ women. I didn’t know I owned my wife. That’s all I need to know about the sort of people making these sort of statements.

    And they just don’t get that my position isn’t that no Muslim ever raped someone. It’s that we don’t blame all white men for the fact that a few commit rape. Because that’s the definition of bigotry.

    • Considering the number of EDL members up on rape charges, when islamaphobic extremists complain about rape the crime is very much “You hurt our white women”, not the crime of rape itself.

      Hell, this idiotic councillor is even saying rape isn’t a problem, except when it’s done by a gang, and when that gang is Muslim. Otherwsie…no problem!

  2. The ADL and other bigoted knobs claim ownership of women because they have great difficulty finding one for themselves.

    What women in their right mind would want to be seen with inarticulate violent white supremacists psychotically obsessed with rape and paedophilia who spend all day and night crafting lurid conspiracy theories and peddling lurid myths about people they have never met?

    • The whole concept of “white genocide” is built on the fact that neo Nazis can’t get laid. The idea is that if white people are lviing with non-white people, white people would cease to exist. I’ve asked them before, if there is such a thing as white genocide, what is going to stop any white man from having as many white babies as possible with any white woman.

      And the answer is usually a hushed up mumble (Something about secret government supports for non-0whoite babies which don’t exist), but really it boils down to, they can’t hjave as many white babies as they’;d like, because no one will let them have babies with them.

  3. I posted a tweet or two about the #BendigoMosque issue, in one of them saying “Confusing #Islam with #terrorism is *exactly* equivalent to confusing #Christianity with the #USArmy.”
    A response was forthcoming from someone named ‘Communist agent Tads’ (@Tadlete) containing a photograph of 5, I assume, Taliban fighters, standing proudly behind a line of 8 severed heads, accompanied by the text, “Exactly.. don’t confuse islam with anything or else we’ll show you the real Religion of Peace”.
    I’m still mulling over how to, or if I should, respond to this.
    This is what we’re up against…

    • And what do you say when people miss the point ? Yes, there are extremists. That doesn’t mean everyone is, that’s what extremist MEANS ( it means the extreme end and not the norm )

      • That’s it. My statement couldn’t have been any clearer, and yet the respondent just glossed over the meaning, and simply fired back the same hollow rhetoric, equating an entire religion with a small, extreme, element of a political/military organisation which is distorting and applying misread religious texts to achieve a political/military aim…

        • I love when people quote the Quran. I respond with blood thirsty notes from the Bible and a note that I am a Christian, and that just like it only matters the context *I* place those verses in, it doesn’t matter what a bigot reads in the Quran, only what the people who live by it peacefully, think it says.

        • I was reading the Herald Sun the other day (I was waiting for my fish and chips and it was the only thing they had, honest) and saw Andrew Botl’s article, again saying pretty much “Because terrorists quote the Quran, and use Islam to justify their terrorism, therefore Islam has a problem”

          Now, I don’t want to encourage any evil action, but already, Botl’s words are used and quoted in order to justify death trheats, threats of terrorism and other extremist acts by extremists including many of those who are opposing the Bendigo mosque. Now, thankfully they are only threats, but do you think if someone did a terrible act after reading Bolt’s article,s sent a message declaring his support for Bolt and hatred of Muslims based on Bolt’s words, do you think Bolt would be saying “The problem is me”?

          No of course not. Because we live in a society where if you are the dominant culture, you can say hateful things freely, without any fear of recrimination, but if you’re not a part of the dominant culture, well you better hope no one who looks like you or has anything in common with you has done anything wrong, because you’re responsible for that shit.

        • Yes, when I get asked why Muslims don’t stand against it more, I respond that I’ve never told anyone I am a Christian and been asked to distance myself from Catholic child rapists, or the Westborough Baptist Church.

        • When someone has asked me “Where are the Muslims speaking out against terrorism?” I usually give them the press releases of many many Islamic organisations that speak out against terrorism regularly (All courtesy of an easy google search).

          Then they complain “Well, I hadn’t heard of this, so they must not be complaining enough”-like they were expecting each Muslim organisation to meet with them personally and say “By the way, I don’t support terrorism or extremism. Just though you should know”

        • And the issue is plainly that the media is not interested in those announcements. I read a story on what’s happening in Iraq right now, and stopped to count the use of the word ‘jihadist’. The implicit association and bias in things like that, are just lost on most people

    • You can reply back with how entire villages of Rohingya muslims have been wiped out by buddhists in Burma. Then point out that a 50ft buddha is being built in bendigo and how they don’t have a problem with that or how Christian Liberation Front or Anders Brevik are perpetrators of christian crime, although, I suspect with their beliefs so entrenched in bigotry that they will listen. Good luck, buddy!

      • Ha! I actually have thought of pointing out some of the Buddhist atrocity issues, as I know Bendigo has the stupa being built as well (maybe same Buddha as you mentioned; I’ve been to the site before they started). Most Australians are wearing selective blinkers on these issues, and I’d probably be strung up in the street by Free Tibet activists if I even mention that all religions have an element of hypocrisy when it comes to the actions of some of their adherents.

  4. Wow. This woman shows a complete lack of understanding and ignorance of the statistics of rape/rapists to promote her bigotry. It’s actually incredibly insulting to the victims.

  5. This woman makes me so mad. From her Twitter:

    “it’s also wrong to get a lighter sentence due to your culture.”

    Really, Muslims are getting lighter sentencing for rape? What goddamn world is she living in!?!

    I know a friend of mine was gang raped – guess what.. the perpetrators weren’t Muslim! They were white Australians. Rich white Australians. At a private boys school.

    They tied up and assaulted my male friend in his teen years. This was a regular occurrence, for him and many other students at that prestigious rich white boys school…. He struggled for years with it. Even after he told his parents, who went to the principal. But nothing was done. A private investigation was launched and it was all handled internally… so of course, nothing ever happened in terms of punishment to these rapists.

    This of course made his life hell, because no one else would come forward, out of fear of the repercussions. When it became clear the school was trying to sweep it all under the rug, the parents tried going to the police, but with no evidence, and no one else coming forward, there was little that could be done… Plus the other rich boys and their parents were determined to spread nasty rumours around about him; making out like this was consensual, experimentation and payback for the ending of relations which he didn’t want to end.

    They made his life and his character a laughing stock. He ended up committing suicide because he just couldn’t deal, and the way it was handled was so disgustingly indifferent.

    They sexually abused him, and essentially murdered him and they got away scott-free because they were rich white boys from a private school, with influential parents.

    Elise Chapman, don’t you dare tell me or anyone that it’s Muslims who are getting lighter sentences, or even getting off scott-free when it has been proven time and time again that it’s the white rich males that again and again get away with RAPE and MURDER because of their CULTURE, MONEY and INFLUENCE.

    You’re truly a disgusting excuse for an Councillor, and I find your comments insulting and degrading. Not to mention IGNORANT of the real issues and victims, and the real ones getting away with assault and murder.

    • That’s just *awful*, I’m so sad to hear it. The fact is, the media is the root of all this. I’ve seen several stories claiming that people assaulted children and got off because of culture. If you dig in to the story, what they are claiming is not true, but the media wants to sell papers and most people just assume what they read is fact.

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