Willy Wanker and the T shirt Factory

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It is not often that a Deputy Opposition Leader’s name appears on a scurrilous T shirt with the defamatory implication that she is allegedly  free with her sexual favours.




So who is Will Dallas Brooks?

The surname also belongs to a distinguished former British soldier and long-serving governor of Victoria who happens to be the grandfather of TV presenter and journalist Jennifer Byrne. Byrne’s mother Jeanette was his only child.

No mention of  any Willies on the bio or in newspaper records.

It won’t be the first time we’ve seen surnames of people which resemble those of the famous. No doubt if you have a famous monicker it doesn’t harm you when looking for a job.

Here’s his website if you really want to read it. He declares

Polliter.com was created not out of need, but necessity. It is the lone voice of free Conservative speech left to Australians.

Yeah yeah yeah…

Tim Wilson on steroids.

Willy dislikes lots of things – the SMH, conservative News Corpse columnist Peter van Onselen, Fairfax journalist Elizabeth Farrelly, the ABC, asylum seekers and the Facebook page Destroy the Joint – by extension feminists women who have and express an opinion in general.

Strangely enough when we visited Polliter only the main page was visible. The links led nowhere.

Something like Willy himself.

Error 404
 Sat Jun 14 13:55:56 2014

Looks like the pages have been down for some time

All else we managed to find was a link to this article in Quadrant, the musty old mag edited by very conservative historian Keith Windschuttle, which serves as a sort of home for the bewildered for very conservative old white blokes.

The Quadrant contributors in animated discussion

Destroy the Joint managed to dig up a brief bit of Willy’s self-puffery which reads

Brooks is an independent consultant in hospital management, healthcare reform and clinical care. He worked extensively with Professor Chris O’Brien on developing the world’s first comprehensive cancer data repository, and has advised State and Federal governments on improving public healthcare systems and increasing accountability in medicine.

Let me guess – a minor pen-pusher in the Department of Health (one of them) applying some helium to his resumé. If that.

Ho hum

6 thoughts on “Willy Wanker and the T shirt Factory

  1. I’ve just been out helping to notify some of those companies that advertise on his site about this grubby little POS – I wonder how he feels about getting his joint destroyed?

  2. From WA Today

    People power nets a sexist ratbag

    As if we needed reminders that being a woman in public life can be brutal and cruel, along comes another ratbag with a rancid line in public discourse – but in the case of Will Dallas Brooks, he might have gone a step too far. The founder of the hyperventilating website polliter.com is in hot water after promoting T-shirts carrying a truly offensive message about deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek. This prompted a swift reaction from equality campaigners Destroy the Joint and their supporters, with advertisers on Brooks’ website sent images of the offending T-shirt along with a request to remove their advertisements. There were some big names among them and they were aghast to find their names associated with such tawdriness. Medibank Private and Officeworks both promised immediate action to remove themselves, while Telstra said its ad had been ”sent to this site without being cleared by us” and promised an investigation. Modern people power at work.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/still-streaming-vitriol-20140614-3a4f2.html#ixzz34opZkzmy

  3. no one was hyperventilating when others printed up slogan t-shirts with the word FUCK splashed on it; oh how obscene !

    • Of course you mean the Fuck Tony Abbott ones – they did not contain a defamatory sexual slur, unlike the ones you Willy Wanker produced.

      I’d love to be at court the day the defamation proceedings against Wanky are on.


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