8 thoughts on “Tristan Cooper massages his privilege

  1. Well, considering that they do SFA in respect to even trying to control their own destiny & life’s,why should we be thy 1’s to fund their lifestyle they live ? Just as like them muzzscums & drug users etc ! Those,that can’t or won’t take responiablity of what they do, is their bloody problem ( short,sweet & simple as that)… We working TAXPAYERS ARE TREATED AS IF WE ARE THY GUILTY ONES,ITSICKINGS ME!

      • Guilty? How are you treated as guilty? Your the group everyone listens to…

        Derbyiter? Where do you work? I want to post what you wrote to your boss, see what they say. Then you’ll be out of a job and guess what? You’ll be on the centrelink. You won’t be asking why everyone else should fund your lifestyle then…

    • I look forward for Derbyiter maintaining this belief if he, or a family member, becomes disabled. Because if there’s one thing libertarians love, it’s consistency between their own beliefs, and their own personal circumstances.

      And incidentally, apparently paying tax like everyone else, and no having every cent being returned back to you, even though the majority will be, is a punishment we give to criminals now. Who knew?

  2. “africa is the most resource rich continent in the world”. that’s not true. most of its resources are unharnessed, those that are, are commandeered and exploited by western powers – you never heard of the diamond trade? “africa” (seriously, you need to be more specific) didn’t just get that way on it’s own. so yes, their poverty IS our problem. and with poverty comes violence and social problems. it’s not just a matter of “not having kids”. firstly because contraceptive treatment is rare in poverty-stricken parts of africa (it’s a BIG fucking place, the entire continent isn’t just keeling over and dying like they show you in movies), who can afford it? and rape resulting in pregnancy is a HUGE problem. and before you mention abortion, no, they can’t afford that either. And who the hell is telling this idiot he should be feeling guilty. having empathy and compassion doesn’t mean you’re guilty or that you’re to blame. what a douchey-douche.

  3. What ignorant, arrogant ramblings from the uneducated asinine minority who still think it’s all about them.

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