Malcolm’s sleep-over

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Asleep at the wheel?

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Today as we launch the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for 2014, there remains a great sense of unease among the community sector and the people we assist about their future,” Chief Executive, Dr John Falzon said.

“The uncertainty remains despite the Government’s recent announcement that it will extend the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) for another year. Although the NPAH extension was welcome, the spending cut of $44 million to the capital works program aspect of the agreement was not. A commitment to addressing homelessness should be bipartisan. It is homelessness itself that we must cut, not the spending on homelessness,” Dr Falzon said.


 Keep John Falzon’s words in mind as you read more

Malcolm’s sleep-over – – The Australian Independent Media Network

4 thoughts on “Malcolm’s sleep-over

  1. I often see people on the ASRC website asking ‘can any homeless person come here’, creating a false dichotomy, that every charity is required to help everyone. I do support charities that help Australian homeless, and I wonder, if we were not spending $8 billion odd trying to do as much harm as possible to a few thousand refugees, how many homeless shelters could we build ?

    • I’ve had a lot of people say to me “Why are we helping Asylum seekers when we have homeless people in Australia?”

      To each of them I have offerred to give them the name and contact details of a charity which directly supports homeless people, which would greatly appreciate the time and money of any individual. To this date no one has taken me up on the offer.

      And really, what were they wanting the homeless to access at the ASRC? The ASRC does not have housing, it only has support for people to access housing, just like any housing agency does. Nor does it provide financial services, only very minor material aid, just as any other welfare agency does (Except with fewer agencies providing support for non-Australian residents, though this is changing, and with largely less items being able to be provided). Were they thinking a medical check up is required? The reason the ASRC is providing medical assistance is many asylum seekers do not have access to medicare, which Australian residents do have. Counselling? Again, available through medicare. A free lunch? Again, provided through multiple other agencies.

      The reason the ASRC exists is to catch those who would otherwise fall through the gap through lack of access to any form of welfare, or health support. There are many many agencies that provide support services to the vast maority of needy Australians who are entitled to chairty support, but these guys will complain about the one agency focusing its extremely limited resources on the small segment in our society which tend to fall through these gaps?

      • *grin* yes, I’ve done the same, with the same results. It’s a bit like the whole ‘halal’ thing. Pretending to care about something to mask that all they are doing is advocating a lack of concern for vulnerable people.

        • So true-it’s exactly the same as the hallal thing. People who have never called about animal safety at any point in their life apparently care when the word “Muslim” is involved.

          I mean, I’m no animal rights guy, and definitely not a vegetarian, but at least vegetarians have consistency in their beliefs. “Meat is murder”-consistent belief, I get it. I don’t agree but I understand it. “Killing animals one way is wrong, but all other ways, including incredibly similar ways, is right”-you’ve lost me.

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