5 thoughts on “Former RAAF/ADF Serviceman and His Shocking Racism

  1. Well, if anyone disagree what’s being said here ( yep, there are many out there !) are just denying the honest truth of WTF is really going on, with no consideration to our own sick/needy & VETERANS, THAT HAVE PUT THEIR LIFES ON THE LINE,FOR OUR COUNTRY TOO. It’s time to wake up, and look closer to home as to who’s being forgotten and left for dead or dying in pain. Now, is thy time to change ! And be aware ” your own time/ turn is a coming sooner than ya think ! “

    • Wonnie spent most of his career guarding the front gate of Williamtown RAAF Base from the feral surfer jihadists from Nine Mile Beach.

      Yet another gronk who slipped past the psych evaluation.

    • explain, in full detail, “wtf is going on”, then, Derbyiter. What EXACTLY are you and this bloke kneejerking about? Seriously. You have no idea, do you?

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