Commonwealth Bank Employee’s Views on Aborigines

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Remember the vandalism of Captain Cook Cottage prior to Australia Day?


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Here’s what Christopher Zachary Tyler had to say about it:

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.56.39 pm





The irony of a marginalised citizen perpetuating negative stereotypes about other marginalised citizens..

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20 thoughts on “Commonwealth Bank Employee’s Views on Aborigines

  1. If you look at the dates next to when commonwealth commenced this post was clearly before… Someone obviously has nothing better to do with their time then sit there and screen capture peoples personal jokes which are irrelevant out of context.

    • Of course. When a person joins a company, not only does his/her Internet footprint disappear, but so do their opinions on certain minorities. Commonwealth Bank employers need to realise what kind of person they have in their employ.

  2. The comment poster was so concerned about spelling he forgot about punctuation; his own.

    There’s a full-stop missing at the end of the first sentence (at the end of the first line).

    Then again, he summed up his message with his first 3 words: “I don’t think”.

  3. Furthermore if you are taking my comment as being something serious read the below smh article… It states that 40% of aboriginal students showed a less than average test result rate… So does this mean that smh is being racist since my comment, which was intended as a joke, if taken literally is actually referencing fact taken from statistics? I think its terrible people living in a developed country have such a low literacy rate perhaps you can publish an article about things we can do to help fix this issue instead of demonizing people who posting personal comments on Facebook taken out of context

    • The “personal comments” about Indigenous people are public comments and potentially read by almost 5 billion people.

      Furthermore the SMH article was outlining a report, not giving an opinion. That’s generally what respectable journalism does (as distinct from certain commentators in not so respectable rags)

      Have you bothered to think about why Indigenous students may be showing up in research as being considerably disadvantaged?

    • Chris, you are compartmentalising people. I work at a school with 99% indigenous students. The majority of these students are average, or above average. Stick your head back up your arse and have another latte.

  4. People need to realise the distinction between what people say on social media. juxtaposed to saying something specifically to an individual to their face. Everyone at some point in their lives will says things on social media that they don’t often think about or literally mean, people need to stop interpreting every little aspect of peoples comments because then this can draw peoples attention away from what the person who said it actually was meaning to convey. This is recently demonstrated in the recent infamous Tony Abbott ‘wink’ during an interview, people are torn between whether to take that wink as being directly related to the issue he was addressing or whether it did not mean anything. It may be ‘immoral’ and ‘unethical’ to address a racial group as a whole, but everyone is entitled to their opinion just as much as the other side are entitled to theirs. There will always be detractors ,that’s just a fact of life.

    • Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this doesn’t mean they are entitled to not have that opinion be criticised, challenged and the person judged because of their opinions. Unless you’re trying to tell me if a guy believed that you personally should be shot, you would defend and support his opinion without criticism or complaint.

  5. I love how they come out of the woodworks to defend themselves, and back it up with Statistics!11!! to further dig their hole! Instead of just apologising.

    Statistically, gay men are more likely than straight men to get assaulted, and also try and commit suicide. Does that mean I can make jokes about gay suicides, or gay men getting assaulted? Because my joke is relevant in statistics!?

    Of course not!!! Because I have a conscience and know that these kinds of jokes, however the initial intention, CAN be taken the wrong way, and used by people to promote their hate!

    Not to mention, you know very well if this joke had have been about the gay community in some sort of degrading generalization – YOU Chris – would have been the FIRST person to talk about sexism, homophobia, and rant on about its unfairness and bigotry. But now you want to defend your own bigotry, because it was a JOKE? and there are statistics that prove it’s SOMEHOW FUNNY!?!

    Riiiight. Nice Logic.

  6. Thats nothing compared to some of the stuff ive heard give the guy a break… the other day i was walking through darling harbour and right infront of the building there was this guy complaining, very loudly, about how all disabled people should be put down and not allowed on public transport, and i DONT think he was joking!

  7. Leave Chris a lone !!
    I bet everyone here has made a joke or a remark against other races or people. So you are a bunch of hypocrites.
    You all have nothing better to do than dwell on this …
    It wasn’t that offensive, if you really want to hear some offencive remarks go to Darwin and walk down the street … Then you will be offended you useless internet trolls .. go get a life or even better yet a view of humor !!

    Hope you all die painfully.

    Love ….
    Some middle class white guy !

  8. This is an example of Australia’s casual racism – “it was just a joke”. No, it wasn’t “just” a joke, it was racist because it perpetuates intolerant stereotypes. We don’t need casual racism, sexism, homophobia or other types of discrimination.

  9. The other day I heard my mum on the phone to a rep at commonwealth and the guy said to her its so nice to hear a nice white persons voice.. How’s that for racist

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