Australian Views on Asylum Seeker Deaths

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A few points.

When an asylum seeker arrives at a country where it is legal to seek asylum after having been through hell, it can be expected that mandatory, limitless detention will be incredibly traumatic.
When a child is placed behind bars indefinitely for accompanying a fleeing family from an unsafe country, there are life long consequences.
When adequate healthcare, legal services and mental health support are not provided to people who have been detained indefinitely, it can be expected that there will be unrest.

Bearing these things in mind, here are the views of a few heartless Australians on deaths of asylum seekers on Manus Island:


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Good to see Channel 9 isn’t bothered moderating the page. Join ‘the conversation’ here.

6 thoughts on “Australian Views on Asylum Seeker Deaths

  1. I’m not sure I’d even want to join the conversation. I’m fairly active on the ASRC page, where people talking this sort of rot, are trolls as well as morons. Going in to a nest of them, just gives them the weight of numbers to shout you down and feel like they’ve proven they were right all along. One point I often make to people like this is, how lucky they are to be brought up in an environment where they can’t even fathom what these people have gone through, and can respond in the simple minded and ignorant ways that they do. It’s all so illogical. Yes, they spent money to get here, if they came by boat. It’s often borrowed but, ignoring that, are we to believe that people who had access to money where they came from, came here for the ‘river of gold’ that is life on the dole in Australia ? And, yes, they start riots when we mistreat them. What other option do they have, when it’s clear our government has no intention of treating them humanely ? FInally, yes, they are safer than they were in their own country. Doesn’t that prove they are refugees ? Doesn’t how you’d be treated if you went to their country, prove that they needed to flee to come and live in ours ?

    The whole thing is a microcosm of how ignorant some people can be, especially if they feel their privilege is under threat. At the core, the assumption is that these people get all sorts of money from the government, and that’s less money for them.

      • I’ve basically offered to moderate but they never responded. I get the impression a lot of the trolls come in because they Facebook advertise, but that’s no excuse for persistent, abusive trolling. They come out in force when something really awful happens, like the young man who just took his life.

  2. I still find it deliciously ironic how people still persist to use Donald Horne’s “Lucky Country” as a term of endearment.

  3. Disgraceful that people can be such “moroons” as bugs bunny said.

    Reminds me of a quote

    “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon… No matter how good you are the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won, anyway”

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