Milk Jones on Medicare – “let those morons die”

Mitchell “Milk” Jones we are told lives in affluent South Yarra (not quite Toorak chaps but near enough) and attended a private school.

He runs a business and is a dad.  He is young and also looks healthy.

However he does not appear to either like or to have compassion for those less fortunate than he is.

Sound familiar?



So maybe Mitch and his smug mates may not have bothered to check the facts nor to question Tony Shepherd’s wildly inaccurate figure of 11 bulk billed visits per person per year.

After all, why let facts get in the way of Medicare-bashing?

The weight of evidence places the true number of time the average Australian “goes to the doctor” at below 7, with some variability due to differing definitions of what constitutes a consultation. While these definitions place the figure variously at 3.73, 4.61, 4.93, 5.77 or 6.91, none come very close to Tony Shepherd’s claim of a purported 11 visits to the doctor by the average Australian every year.

–  The Conversation

9 thoughts on “Milk Jones on Medicare – “let those morons die”

  1. Do some people live on the dole and waste their money ? Almost certainly. For some people, is a doctors visit going to be one less stubby ? Probably ? For some, it won’t matter at all, I’ve not visited a bulk billed doctor in decades. But ALL that matters is that for some who are chronically ill, life on a pension is a struggle to survive, and those same people are the ones going to a doctor twice a week, for whom the cost per visit plus the increase in costs of medicine, is not affordable. I don’t mind measures to stop the system being rorted, in fact, I support that. But, the bottom line ALWAYS is, how does this impact on those most vulnerable. If it fails that test, it fails the test of being something a decent society would do.

  2. On a slight tangent, I lived in South Yarra for around a decade, as a tenant, and I can assure you that living in that suburb doesn’t mean you are affluent, especially considering the number of grungy blocks of flats, commission housing and run-down housing. Then again, on the better side of the suburb, you’ll probably some of the more impressive houses in the state.

  3. I just want to swear so hard at their ignorant statements. I’m so disgusted and disheartened in Australia and its people right now!

  4. Someone should tell him and his mates that the age of entitlement is over. What is going to happen when his business fails because people can’t afford to buy his goods? I hope he doesn’t have to go to the doctor..

  5. This whole budget is about the age of entitlement being over LiSao? Surely if you end up at derelict websites like this you’re interested enough in what is going on and you’re well aware that the Liberal party are very much touting it as one of the party lines.


    In relation to the $179,900 status – obviously old mate ‘Chach’ missed the irony of the comment in relation to the new tax applying to 180k+ earners…..

    It is, in fact, much more than that Chach, but I’d never post my salary on social media – it would just infuriate people like you more, mate.

    • I know they are milky, although it’s only over for the lower classes, the high earners apparently are allowed to “milk” away at the entitlements. Apparently $50k party dinners are alright, but going to the doctor without paying a $7 doctors fee will ruin the country…

      If the only way you can stay rich is by robbing the poor of doctors visits, you’re doing it wrong “mate”.

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