Faux libertarian Senator tweets his true colours

And they’re not rainbow either…

David Leyonhjelm of the Liberal Democrat micro-party was elected last September as a NSW Senator.

There is some evidence that a considerable amount of the 8.9% of the vote which went his way resulted from voter confusion between his party and the Liberal Party.


One would expect that in employing staff who will ultimately be funded by the tax-payers, a neophyte Senator representing his state would firstly be eager to show that he was aware of the law and secondly that he would obey that law.

Take a  look at the NSW Anti-discrimination Act 1977 which is the relevant state law and which frowns upon intrusions into the privacy of prospective employees.


Questions relating to the private lives of staff members, whether it be their sexual orientation, their marital status or matters related to their children, are off limits in job interviews. The sole criteria for employment should be ability to do the job.

So David we’d like you to keep your questions to yourself because sexual orientation is irrelevant – unless you are looking for a date.

Frankie would agree with us

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The MP who likes to ask if you’re gay in job interviews

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