Facebook bogots “helping” police with their inquiries

From the Victoria Police Facebook page


It is obvious the police wish to apprehend and charge this person with an unspecified offence and are requesting the assistance of the public in reporting his whereabouts.

However this does not stop the usual suspects from posting bogot drivel.




 More criminology from the Bogot Brigade followed this post






On a related post we were invited to share the brain farts of two fakies



Yep how did you know?

Maybe he was born in Australia like the vast majority of offenders in Australia.

Self-appointed adviser to the Victoria Police on ‘ Efnic Affairs” Debbie Stavro holds forth on a recent arrest




vicpol13Soulmates “Gypsy Moon” and Debbie then snuggle up to pass judgement on a suspect based entirely on a facial composite reconstruction.

Way to go girls!



And as they display their hatred for all to see wonder if the self-righteous bigot drongos commentating on the page have considered that prejudicial media commentary can jeopardise successful prosecutions of offenders

8 thoughts on “Facebook bogots “helping” police with their inquiries

  1. So they’re complaining that criminals, who the police are actively hunting down and eventually catching, arresting and charging…are “getting away” with their crimes? Under what possible definition is being arrested “getting away” with a crime?

    Admin, I think this needing some indigo Montoya: “these words, I do not think you understand what they mean”

    Also, we don’t give green cards out in Australia. We do have partner visas, but they are hard as buggery to get, and cost the earth, and do not ensure a person is “here for good”. But why would a bigot bother trying to learn anything, when they can repeat what they heard from stormfront. I’m guessing the idiot talking about Jewish crime waves is fresh from his neo nazi male bonding activity on stormfront.

  2. I know all about this Debbie M Stavro (she changed her online name a while back from something else)! She is quite notorious amongst the Greek Australian online Social Network for her inflammatory language.

    Some of my friends know who exactly she is. She is a failed Beauty Therapist.

    Other than her anti third world immigrant tirades, she has a bee in her bonnet about Greek men dating Asian women.

    • She seems a little delusional. Does she not know that Greeks are considered a bit too ethnic and not-fully-white for actual white supremacists/racists?. The average Greek looks Turkish. Those Mediterranean cultures all have really similar traits. She’s kidding herself. Does she think one’s religion defines their ethnicity somehow? Hehe. Also white Australians never, EVER, EVER commit horrific crimes or anything. What are these people on? I’d like to get the stats on just how many of their fellow bogans are inmates.

  3. You never hear these people complain when a white male commits a rape, child abuse or murder. Nick folkes had another pathetically attended rally a few months ago “in honour of a female victim” of an asylum seeker. Nick folkes new darrin lover replacement Andy Shine argued on this website that their interest was protecting female victims not racism. Yet when was the last time you saw racists protest about sex crimes committed by whites? I guess crimes by white males is ok? I challenged Andy to protest at Salvation Army for their cover up of child abuse…no response. The racist hypocrites

    • That is exactly the same thing Andrew bolt does. He claims he isn’t racist but he only reports “brown” crime.

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