How many Fascists can you fit in a maxi-taxi? Fewer than ten apparently…

From FightDemBack!


Meanwhile, as reported by the Brisbane Times

Here is a tussle for a Eureka flag.

We put our money on the CFMEU – after all the Eureka flag is an icon of the working class and the labour movement. It does NOT belong to Fascists.

FDB continues:


Here are Jimmy’s Jokes annoying police at the Greek Consulate in Brisbane.


More pictures here


Altmax has some great pictures here

Οι φασίστες δεν θα περάσει! Οι φασίστες δεν θα κερδίσει!

4 thoughts on “How many Fascists can you fit in a maxi-taxi? Fewer than ten apparently…

  1. I think the guys grabbing the Eureka Flag weren’t CFMEU, but the Builders Labourers Federation. There were a lot of them there, wearing their logo (the flag) proudly.

  2. Can’t help but noticed quite a lot of them covering their eyes and heads with sunglasses and hats (and also hoodies) to avoid being identified. Real gutsy, aren’t they. Not.

    Seriously what was their point again? All this ‘effort’ and emotion involved to show up for 10 minutes only to stand around frowning and folding their arms in defence and sulking off in a taxi… Yeah they showed us… *looks around… crickets chirp*

    Quite hilarious in their patheticness, really. Then they tried to play it off like it was planned, and went as expect. HAHA! How deluded can you be? Stay under your rocks, next time! Snakes don’t fair well out in the open!

  3. Fascists are forced to steal their logo from everyone else, the way they try and borrow respectability from the society that loathes them. Destruction and failure to the fascist rabble, they all look like junkies anyway.

  4. As successful as a nick folkes rally. Notice nick can’t be bothered reporting 2 recent rallies for May Day and tony Abbott’s electorate office. Reason being that both were so poorly attended. nick is still hurting from his falling out with darrin hodges.

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